Saturday, July 9, 2005

This Is a Special Message From Harry Crestwood

So, why is it everyone laughs when I tell them I am a teacher? Oh yeah, because I should not be an example for 3rd graders to follow. Anyway, the kids were a bit crazy today. There was so much arguing, pushing, cutting in line, tattling, picking, etc. Man, I hate punishing kids. But, if I don't do it they won't respect me and only get worse.

I can sum up this guys philosophy by saying "I hate northern, pro-choice, criminals without guns." That is unless of course he means he hates the New York Yankees. Then, I would agree. Go Tigers.

Right after work, my dad was getting a bit stir crazy and wanted to do something. So, we ended up going to some show. The only reason I agreed to go was I expected it to be strange. It was and I loved it.

If I had enough money, I'd buy this property and make it rad.

It was redneck Republican screw your sister night at Summer Celebration. I don't know why I thought I should go. Well, I actually just wanted to hang out with my friends. But, they hung out with some other folks and I knew that would be the case. So, I just left

The rest of the evening, I hung out at Lake Harbor Park with quite a few people. Love you guys.

Tomorrow, I will be going to the MTV party thing with a couple people. I guess one of them has a chance of winning a crazy impressive camping set. White Snake plays. Party at Turtle House. Anything else???

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