Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Digs

 photo 100_6017_zpsd8c85b3e.jpg
Here's "Call Me Maebe," a newborn horse at Lollypop Farm.  She was less than 24 hours old when this was taken.  What a great event to have around the office!

 photo 100_6027_zps32a9aa28.jpg
Speaking of events, here's the new wall that went up in the lobby to protect visitors, staff, and volunteers from the construction.

 photo 100_6028_zps414b1bce.jpg
ATTENTION!  New cat sanctuary being built behind this wall!!!

 photo 100_6014_zps667638a8.jpg
It's been a long time since this office was this spotless.  Our old workspace will be a good space for others in the near future.

 photo 100_6013_zps8cad53a0.jpg
Goodbye old friend!

 photo 100_6029_zpsf54271c7.jpg
Hello new friend.  Here's my new workspace.  Still waiting for some new supplies to come in and complete the space.  But, it's shaping up and it's very exciting to see some of this renovation and expansion at Lollypop Farm come to completion!
That's all going on right now.  Been very, very busy lately with all kinds of projects.  So, it will be nice to watch some Modern Family (and possibly Lincoln) tonight.  Adios!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Turn It Off... Like a Light Switch...

 photo 100_1339_zps9057db78.jpg
This classic art piece is more well travelled than I am.  It has sat above many TVs, couches and who knows what else.  

 photo 100_1642_zpsc70e62da.jpg
While we're at it, here's a funny little thing I made for my co-workers at the children's hospital for christmas.  The theme was 12 Days of Christmas and I had "6 Geese-A-Laying."  Laying what?  Egg McMuffins of course...

 photo 100_6010_zpsff0d24c9.jpg
MMMMmmmm...  Banana Nut Rum French Toast from the New Yorker Pancake and Grill at 165 W. Commercial St in East Rochester.  Possibly the best french toast I've ever had and it was Megan's meal.  The syrup was so good I would have used a straw if available...

 photo 100_6011_zpsded25e36.jpg
Sorry Denver, I've upgraded to the Pittsburgh Omelette...

 photo 100_6012_zpse86de91b.jpg
Here's a gem from the local thrift store.  Why have leather shoes when you can have the fur?
That's all for now.  Not been too exciting around here with the cold miserable weather lately.  Just a lot of watching movies and bumming around the house.  

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Historic Four Corners of Penfield

 photo sc002c127c_zps15ef172a.jpg
These are some sketches of the Historic Four Corners of Penfield, which is where I live near the intersection of Penfield Rd and Five Mile Line Rd.  It's a place rich in history (which there is more detail about at: and a great place to walk with lots of small businesses and access to parks and trails.

 photo sc002c2927_zps12a61196.jpg
An interesting blog about the Historic Four Corners of Penfield is:

 photo sc002c4015_zps48d9c1c9.jpg
One of my favorite buildings in the area is the iconic Wakan-Hubbard Masonic Temple (  It's such a stately building.  

Thanks for letting me share my neighborhood and sketches.

3/21/2013 - Board approves new Italian cafe, Rosey's expansion in Penfield from Penfield Post

3/21/2013 - Landscaping office, cafe (5 Mile Cafe) proposals for Four Corners from Penfield Post

3/19/2013 - New Traffic Signals Planned For Four Corners Intersection from Penfield Post:

Tuesday, March 12, 2013


 photo 100_5995_zpscf4779ff.jpg
Victor Chili Challenge hosted by the Victor Merchants Association (  

 photo 100_5993_zps0ad21eeb.jpg
Mmmm...  This was from Cole & Parks ( at Victor Coal & Lumber (  It was a very good steak and chipotle chili that was hearty.  And, I now have a new found love of eating in hardware stores.

 photo 100_5994_zps65f51435.jpg
The Game Gamut ( hosted Mickey Finn's (  It was a pretty tasty chili with some kick.  Plus, everyone will be getting board games for christmas as I already found something for everyone next year.

 photo 100_5996_zpsf098553c.jpg
The Burger Shack ( hosted Chef Chase.  What I learned walking in was they have a Best Plate Challenge where you eat their version of a "garbage plate" ( in 20 minutes and you get a T-shirt.  Little do they know that I have a hollow leg...

 photo 100_5997_zps1d9e8545.jpg
Grandpa Bob's Old Fashioned Candy Store ( hosted Legacy at Fairways (  I wish I knew the name of their chef because he had the most gourmet chili I've ever had.  In fact, he won "Most Creative Chili" in the overall competition.  

 photo 100_5998_zpsf5bf55b9.jpg 
Hopper Hills Floral and Gifts ( hosted the Thirsty Turtle (, which won for "Spicey Beef."

 photo 100_5999_zpsbac3c3dd.jpg
Jon Bon Jovi's Music?  No chili here; just rock and roll

 photo 100_6000_zpscd306176.jpg
First Presbyterian Church of Victor (  No chili here either; just God and a beautiful church..

 photo 100_6001_zps67540d1e.jpg
Apparel Printers Plus ( hosted Bernardo's Pizza & Subs (  Dave's chili won "Most Unique Flavor," but I think it should have won overall best.  It had a great flavor with a little kick.  And, probably the highest quality beef ever in a competition.  

 photo 100_6002_zps6bb92723.jpg
Southeast corner of Maple Ave and East Main St.

 photo 100_6003_zps44c1c6b9.jpg
Northeast corner of Moore Ave and East Main St.  They are so fortunate to have this village still intact.

 photo 100_6005_zpsab84e63f.jpg
The Black Diamond hosted Chef Kevin.  This bar reminded me of home...

To recap, the winners of the Victor Chili Challenge were:

Bistro 11 - Best Overall
Thirsty Turtle -Spicey Beef!
Legacy - Most Creative
Bernardo's - Most Unique Flavor
Bistro 11 - Poultry
Soup Spoon - Vegetarian
Bistro 11 - The People's Choice

 photo 100_6006_zpscdb21d6c.jpg
Beautiful Building at Moore Ave and West Main St.  

 photo 100_5991_zps1cec62a4.jpg
And, since it was such a great weekend outside, we walked over to W Commercial St in East Rochester just to see what was going on.

 photo 100_6008_zps810e5cc4.jpg
Another mural on Andrews St between Clinton Ave and St. Paul St.  
Hope you enjoyed the nice weather while it was here!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Piggy Told Me We Reached Our Goal At Telethon

 photo 100_5987_zps89f455b7.jpg
Our goal was to raise $234,000 and we reached $236,654!  Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers, staff, and friends of Lollypop Farm who made it possible!

 photo 100_5985_zps73b965d0.jpg
The set

 photo 100_5986_zps6f3082ca.jpg
Big donation on a big check.  I wish banks offered these as an option for check books.  I'd love to pay my bills and groceries with one of these.

 photo 100_5988_zps8009991d.jpg
Never underestimate the power of puppies to put a crowd into a trance!  
 photo 100_5989_zpsd39488eb.jpg
Oh Tim, what a wonderful backhanded comment to your fellow retail team.  I always aim to be "not the worst ________" in all I do...

 photo 100_5990_zpsa820ab04.jpg
Petpalooza Dog Car!  I'll have to ask how much it cost to do this.  Something like this needs to be done to my ride. 

 photo 100_5981_zps18be8334.jpg

 photo 100_5982_zpsd414ce28.jpg
"We are so little and oinky!"

 photo 100_5983_zpsb8246d8e.jpg
A pig pile under the heat lamp.  

 photo 100_5979_zps796e7b66.jpg
Thanks Adrienne for providing me a website to look up Rochester graffiti at:  This is "Bears" by ROA ( located at St. Paul Street and Pleasant Street.  Where...  Do...  I...  Begin...

That's it for now.  Off to see Book of Mormon ( 

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Lollypop Farm Telethon 2013 Today!

 photo 2telethon_2013_live_from__zps2d0c4954.jpg
Join us as we celebrate our 17th year of Lollypop Farm’s Telethon, our largest fundraising event for homeless and abused animals in our community. This annual animal extravaganza will be broadcast live from Eastview Mall on 13 WHAM-TV, Rochester's CW, and from 3:00 to 9:00 p.m.. - See more at:

The six-hour broadcast will showcase the diverse and meaningful work Lollypop Farm performs each and every day. Celebrate our far-reaching community programs, successful adoptions and hear stories of some of the special animals that have touched our lives.
Your support is critical! All funds raised help Lollypop Farm care for homeless and abused pets and continue to bring valuable services—including humane education, cruelty investigations, and much more—to the Rochester community.
Make a difference in the lives of homeless animals with your Telethon donation. Remember—every dollar raised stays in the Rochester community and helps change a pet's life for the better. See how your donation is put to work:
$25 = Spay/Neuter one animal
$50 = Purchases surgical instrument trays
$100 = Purchases animal capture gloves
$200 = Purchases a veterinary heating pad
$500 = Allows for surgical and rehabilitation of one animal cruelty victim
- See more at:

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