Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New Digs

 photo 100_6017_zpsd8c85b3e.jpg
Here's "Call Me Maebe," a newborn horse at Lollypop Farm.  She was less than 24 hours old when this was taken.  What a great event to have around the office!

 photo 100_6027_zps32a9aa28.jpg
Speaking of events, here's the new wall that went up in the lobby to protect visitors, staff, and volunteers from the construction.

 photo 100_6028_zps414b1bce.jpg
ATTENTION!  New cat sanctuary being built behind this wall!!!

 photo 100_6014_zps667638a8.jpg
It's been a long time since this office was this spotless.  Our old workspace will be a good space for others in the near future.

 photo 100_6013_zps8cad53a0.jpg
Goodbye old friend!

 photo 100_6029_zpsf54271c7.jpg
Hello new friend.  Here's my new workspace.  Still waiting for some new supplies to come in and complete the space.  But, it's shaping up and it's very exciting to see some of this renovation and expansion at Lollypop Farm come to completion!
That's all going on right now.  Been very, very busy lately with all kinds of projects.  So, it will be nice to watch some Modern Family (and possibly Lincoln) tonight.  Adios!

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