Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"In a World Gone Mad, Only a Crazy Man Is Truly Insane!"

Dustin and Mike at Cliff & SME's apartment in Humboldt Park.

Nick and Mike Nummerdor at the Two Way.

Matt Andres and SME at the Two Way

At the Two Way, "Seeing is Believing!"

Mike, Nick and SME at the Two Way.

SME, I would have deleted this if you didn't give me the finger...

Mr. Mike Nummerdor.

Ahhh! Robots at the Museum of Science and Industry. I saw the Da Vinci show there. Wasn't too impressed and didn't like how repetitive it was. The best part was a couple pages of his sketch book, which were minor pages placed off in the corner of the exhibit.

Idea Factory at MSI

"What the hell?" MSI has a better architecture model of Chicago than we do at the Architecture Foundation. The irony is this is not an architecture model. This is a display about intermodal trains.

This model is huge!

And detailed!

And even has accurate details of the near Westside!

And the Sears Tower is like 8 feet tall!

Man, I have to talk about this to the people at work. This is too much!

I'm a pilot as well...

U - 505 at MSI

U - 505 at MSI

Summer's slowly coming to an end. I can start getting some sleep now. A few days ago, I was eatting at Stefano's and a 16 - month old stopped breathing and started to have a seizure. Apparently, my phone was the only one getting reception and I called 911 and waited for the ambulance and fire department to arrive. The kid was alright, but it was crazy. Afterwords, we headed to the Davis to see Little Miss Sunshine. I highly suggest that you see it.

Tonight, going on the booze cruise for work. It's going to be pretty good and I hope to get some fun pictures.



Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Finally, We Both Agree On Something!

Drinking on the stoop. It's a dream come true for me.

Mike Nummerdor, SME, Dustin Malmquist, and Amanda Talmadge drinking on the stoop waiting for Frances and Noah.


Someone should tell Cliff that Tennessee isn't a little puppy anymore.

The Aux. Board Boat Cruise I went on for work.

Chicago at the river split.

Anne, who is our graphic designer at work and one of my favorite people.

Chicago from the Lake Michigan lock.

From the locks again!

A view of Chicago from Lake Michigan. The building in the center is the John Hancock building.

This is the bathroom in our new boat. Does anyone else think this is kind of a strange bathroom? What do you think they keep in the trunk? I was too afraid to check.

I found this poster hanging in the basement at work of Malcolm X. The revolution continues... He's from Lansing, Michigan and I'm from Muskegon, Michigan. That's pretty much not related.

Ice cream social at work. How many of you got paid to eat ice cream lately?

A terrible, but funny picture of Laia, Frank, Charniece, Martin, and Rebekah.

A nice picture from the ice cream social of Laia, Frank, Martin and Rebekah.

Ummm... Chicago is awesome and everything about being here is great.



Saturday, August 19, 2006

It Doesn't Get Better Than This...

I'm riding pretty high these days. It's official: I got my third promotion within a year at the Chicago Architecture Foundation. It's really a superficial promotion, but what can I say? Nothing really changes except a 10% increase in pay and now I am a "Tour and Volunteer Associate." There's a couple more responsibilities, which I wanted more than the pay in title. But, I still came out ahead. All's well with the ladyfriend. We'll see what happens tomorrow when she comes back. I've been seeing tons of my friends, who you will see below. Amanda Talmadge is coming to town since she is now moving to Chicago. It just keeps getting better and better. Further to fall, I guess...

RECYCLE THE FLAG! Not in Dick Cheney's America! You throw that away and get a new one!

Flag disposal. That's more like it...

Here is some vandalism I enjoy.

Man, this must have ruined someone's day...

France's at the Rail Bar on one of her last days in Chicago.

She loves Chicago!

Dustin Malmquist admiring the band at the California Clipper

Noah and Frances at the California Clipper.

Mike, Cliff, and Dustin.

Warming up...

Almost there....


Famous Frances hand pictures.

Hey Kate ____. Haven't seen you in about three or so years.

Noah, Frances, SME at California Clipper.

You are getting sleepy. Very sleepy...

That didn't take much. What a grumpy sleeper...

Kate ____ and myself

Yeah! It's Noah!

Man! It's Noah on something good...

Audrey at the Clipper.

Frances, Noah, and myself. Graduate school so we can be roommates again...

Much love and hope to see you all soon.


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