Monday, August 29, 2005

"We'd Be On the Boat and Do the Thing."

Last night may have been my last full day in Muskegon for a while. I may be back next weekend. I may not. I don't know. So, I had an impromptu (sp?) going away party. How unplanned was this going away party? Not even the people who live in Turtle House knew it was my going away party until at least half way through. The pictures tell the story of the evening.... For the most part.

Don't cry Tania. I'll be back in Muskegon soon. And Chicago is a fun place to visit.

Look at those luscious sideburns. Damn baby, no wonder the Rambone sleeps with you at night.

Pondering what Muskegon is going to be without Mike Kraus? Who will go to the Vous with you? Who will mom talk art to? Oh, the worries...

I am the drunkest looking sober man I have ever seen.

Nice. You wonder why I call you The Terrorist. The CIA knows what he is talking about.

Andrea and Leslie smoking and drinking.

Guns, beer, and cigarettes. Sounds like a good evening. Now, what can you do in the back seat of a Rivera in the Turtle House driveway. Oh, I remember... 4-eva...

What are you telling Ana-Shea, Nick? It looks like you are picking up some strange woman off the streets of Chicago and she's not having it. Story of my life...

Best friends Forever. This picture is the last piece of Hasan's going away birthday present. The girls got him a picture frame and this pic is what's going in it.

I'm going to miss you all. At the beginning of summer, I was a miserable mess. Yet, somehow it ended up being one of the best times of my life. I've had so much fun, learned a lot about myself, learned a lot about my friends, and love you all. When I move to Chicago, I expect each and everyone of you to come down and sleep on my couch. I will post my phone number and mailing address once I know what it is. I might be out of communication for a while. Don't worry, I'm just a nomad.

Today, I have a job interview at the American Red Cross. I'm just going to go in and be an arrogant jerk. I know I'm not going to work there. They can't match the job offer I got. But, I might make a friend there and be able to leverage something at a later date. After that, I will pack up the little electric car and drive down to Mike Nummerdor's place. We might go see some grizzly bear movie and drinking. I'm really glad that when I move to Chicago this time I am going to have some really good friends there to hang out with.

Don't forget me Muskegon, I love you all...

Mike Kraus

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Hey all, long time no see. Had a good time in the Windy City. Stayed at a hotel just off Michigan Ave. and was there hardly at all. The first night, just went to a few bars including the one at the top of the Hancock Building. I hate it up there. It's too high. Even if I'm not scared of terrorism, I was up there, I don't like that the building moves, and something else. Good times with the Grizzly Bear.

Millenium Park is rad. I saw this right before some crazy guy jumped off the Michigan Ave. bridge into the river. I didn't see him jump. Just watched the rescue. I heart crazies.

Look at this McDonald's. It came from outer space. It's like an original McDonald's on steroids. It's also nutty.

Stopped by Mike Nummerdor's place and saw all my old neighbors. We are getting Crestwood tattoos now. This picture of Matt is how I imagine Jesus would look like if he were to come back today. Matt Christ has a certain blasphemous ring to it.

After the California Cutter Bar, Mike, his girlfriend who is awesome Audrey (sp?), Alice Won, and I went to Burger King. Some cop wouldn't let us in because they were mopping the floor. But, he did take our order and got our food for us. Nice guy, but what the hell is with Chicago cops? Why is he taking my order? Why is he not letting us into the restaurant? Is he just messing with us? Whatever...

I might be spending some time here at the Hillside Bowl. This restaurant is called Lucky's Place. It's diner food at its best. And, some of you might have caught on that I might be working in Chicago. I have a job interview on Monday with the Muskegon Red Cross. I'll do it, but decline the position because it is temporary. Then, I have to go back to Chicago for an orientation and possible hire on Tuesday. I think I will have an apartment there in a week. So... I might be leaving Muskegon... again... But, all of you are more than welcome to visit. Tomorrow is probably going to be the last day I can really hang out in Skee-town. So... call me... I have a wedding reception tonight, but it shouldn't go too long...

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

John Tesh Was An Alien?

The cake says it all...

The birthday went well. I think Hasan really liked it. He was so thankful and I think almost cried at one point. That kid will never want to leave Muskegon after this.

After the Glenside Pub, we headed to the drive-in to see The 40-Year Old Virgin and Wedding Crashers. Hilarious sexual comedies. I thought it was funny that Steve Carrell (sp?) was picked on for riding his bike so much since that is how I get around town. Maybe he'd have better luck if he had a sweet bike like my 1979 Schwinn Cruiser instead of the Pee-Wee Herman bike.

Oh yeah, I have a pen pal now. My student from Moon School sent me another letter. It's pretty funny. I like the drawings illustrating the letter.

I got a call from the American Red Cross for a job interview. So, Mr. Jacob Dykema, I need to know the name of your mom's neighbor who applied pressure for me. Candy or something? It's a pretty cool job. Basically, I would travel around the world for three week deployments helping people in disasters. I would be awesome at that. With job interviews, it's either feast or famine. Seems to be feast right now.

Anyway, not too much going on. Andrea and I are going to her grandparent's house for dinner. Maybe he will make me mix tapes after that. I don't know what we are doing afterwards. All I know is I can have too rough of a night because I have to head to Chicago tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The Secret To Life Is Blogged Right Here.

Pretty relaxing day yesterday. Kinda just laid around the house for the most part. Although, I have to say that the Detroit Tigers did win the World Series on Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the Super Nintendo yesterday. Too bad that is nowhere close to reality. Ah, my last summer of freedom.

Check out my new shoes. I got them for my job interview on Friday. They were on sale for $49.99 at Younkers. They remind me of grandpa shoes. In this picture, it looks like my legs are on a table at the morgue. So damn sexy with the white socks and grey pants. How can the ladies resist?

Normally, Jacob is a shy man. But, he requested... In fact, he begged me to post this picture of him. Why? Not quite sure. You will have to ask him. It reminds me of a combination of the cat from Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Evil, and the guy from Sin City, So, Jacob, this one is for you...

Hasan lived it up last night at Monday Night Klub. I think everyone got the "Jordanian Jackhammer." He was pretty bombed by the time Dave kicked us out and I had to convince him to let me drive the Beast. That Regal is one fine automobile. It's like driving a boat. Too bad the battery completely died this morning.

Anyway, today is Hasan's birthday. For all of you who did not get the bulletin, we are having dinner at 6pm at some restaurant. I don't know which since it hasn't been decided. Hasan wanted "McDonald, you know." We won't allow that. After dinner, it's Andrea Mather's house for cake and ice cream. That will be followed up with the drive-in. I don't know what movie yet, but I imagine it will be the 40 year old virgin if it is playing there. So, if I get more details I in time I will post them. If not, call my house. If not there, call Hasan's phone. If not there, you are probably not a real friend and shouldn't hang out with the Terrorist and the CIA.


Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mass Exodus From Muskegon. So Long Old Friends.

Caleb leaves for Hawaii at 4am. Wish I could have seen more of him this summer, but I hope he has a great time on the island. It was a good time with the Dykema boys. Had some awesome tacos and chips. Mexican food is the quickest way to my heart and Bonnie knows it.

Now for some unfinished business. Here's a letter I got in the mail the other day. It is from one of my students I use to teach over at Moon Elementary School. It made me happy that one of my kids wrote me. Especially one that I thought would hate me. I actually suspended this girl and had all sorts of dicipline problems with her. Maybe she likes me because I didn't let her get away with shit? Anyway, I wrote her a nice letter back and sent her a drawing of a dragon. I drew a dragon because my kids loved them and wanted me to make them one all of the time. So, I've become a very skilled dragon artist.

Also, I have developed a wonderful idea. Last night, Ana Shea and I created a "drama-free room." At parties, a room will be set aside for people who are only looking for a good time. Everyone else can beat each other up, cry, or whatever in the rest of the house. If having a good time catches on at parties, the house can become a drama-free zone and a room can be set aside for bitch slapping, fighting, or general yelling. From now on, that is what I will provide for every party. It is genius.

Tomorrow, I have a full day. I will go shoe shopping for my job interview and monday night club. Yep, a full day. Maybe I will win the World Series on Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball too. Right now, the Tigers are in the Wild Card Playoffs and up 2 - 0 against the California Angels. Lame... I didn't drink today since I am still recovering from yesterday. I don't know how much I will drink tomorrow, but it is Andrea's going away party at MNK. It seems I have either a cold or allergies right now. So, that sucks. Well, I'm fried from this weekend. Thanks for a good time all. Have a good time if you are leaving and see you soon if you are staying.

Choose Your Own Title: This Week is The Turning Point - o

eSo, here we go. I decided that I have been lazy with my pictures lately. Therefore, I have posted more this time for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

This is a dancing egg from the side of a semi. I thought he was hilarious. Unfortunately, I didn't realize he was going to be on the back of the trailer too. On the back, it said "Rear end me and the yoke is on you" with the egg looking like a psycho killer. I will have to find this truck again.

On the swingset before Amanda's nondate-date. She's went out with a GR guy that sounds an awful lot alike a guy someone else I know is dating. Not getting in the middle of that.

These ladies at Mo'z dance like they are Charlie Brown. I love them...

Andrea, Big Gay Bill, and myself. More Indie rock album covers.

Corey and April's wedding down at Lake Harbor Park.

Eleanor picking up a date.


Things have really started to look up for me lately. I'm having a blast and really just figuring out what I want and will be doing. I have lots of things on the burner right now and I'm just hoping it doesn't explode in my face. In talking with TAD last night, I realized that I am on the right path and I just have to stay true to that.

So, this week begins the mass exodus of Muskegon. I have had three or so going away parties this week. Caleb, Alice, Colleen, Hasan, and more are all leaving me. So, I wish them luck and we'll have to get together sometime.

I'll be heading to Chicago on Thurday for my job interview. I'm a bit nervous about it, but it should go fine.

Hell, all is going well for me. How bad could it be? Jeez, even Lindy commented last night that I remind him of James Dean. Yes my friend, I am a Rebel Without a Cause. Somehow, that seems appropriate.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

"Then They Started Fighting Over Aaron Carter..."

Man, too tired. I just got home and I need some sleep. My friends are too fun for me. Do you want to know why Muskegon is a fun place to live? Look at the picture below and see what $6 can get you...

That's pretty much what I did yesterday. So...

Today, I am just going to bed and try to figure out what is going on later.


Mike Kraus

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Get You Walk On. Get Your Head Tight. You Feel This Shit

Nice sunny day all day in Muskegon. Pretty much for the whole summer. Andrea was telling me that it was raining like a bitch in GR. You can see how the sun is bathing our humble hamlet and giving the wrath of a just god upon the Philistines. Actually, the clouds don't look that bad in my pic. But, they were much worse in my memory (as many things are).

Drive-In tonight. Saw Skeleton Key. It was alright. It was pretty exciting at the drive-in though. There was some crazy family in a tiny Geo that screamed at each other. It was like a family from a David Lynch film. Then, there was some guy right next to them that had a heart attack or something and a fire truck and ambulance came to save him. It was fun.

This is a thug. Don't mess with this bitch. She will stab you in the face.

That's about it. My diet and exercise plan is finally yielding expected results. Soon, I will have one of those six pack shirtless choad guy pictures of myself on myspace. What else? I gave a Michigan handshake the other day. Umm... Talked on the phone for a while about drama for ya momma. I am awesome at Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the Super Nintendo. I have to make a logo for a record company tomorrow. Hmmm.... I'm really forcing this too much.

Tomorrow. What am I going to do? I have no plans. I shall get myself into trouble somehow.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

"I'm Trying To Hook Up These Two Guys. Neither One Knows They are Gay."

Not sure where I left off and don't really care. Here's a photo documentary of my life...

OH YEAH! Isn't this the most rock and/or roll picture ever? Fuck you if you say "no" because you are a loser. This picture is awesome....

More of Mike's Inn. I have a nice double chin in this too.

Andrea at the new park next to Mike's Inn. So damn awesome.

Look at this shit. Isn't this park beautiful? Man...

Brandon offered me a job in Muskegon Heights as his boss. Sounds like all I have to do is manage the budget and tell him what to do. You know, make him go pick up lunch for me and all. Which reminds me, I have to email him right now. He also informed me that some gay guy from the newspaper thinks I have a hot ass. Sweet. If I were queer I'd be rolling in men.

Good night tonight. I got started before everyone else and had to leave my bike at the bar because of it. Tomorrow, I will pick it up.

What is planned for tomorrow? Well, at 2 pm I will be golfing in crazy clothes; plaid pants, vest, and hat. Then, the drive-in. Should be a good day. Looking forward to it. Need sleep so I can think straight. Right on, losers!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

"I Can Drink A Whole Hennesey Fifth. Some Call It A Problem. I Call It A Gift."

I may not be on any tourism board or anything. But, I found this on Washington Ave. in Grand Haven. Granted, it is with a bunch of other military paraphenalia, I don't think it is a good idea to have Nazi flags promeniently displayed in your windows when your town has a problem of being populated with White Supremicists. Just a gut feeling.

I was in GH with Frances rocking out. I bought her glasses and she bought me food. It was a match made in heaven. My new glasses have yellow lenses and makes me look like a raver. Fucking ravers. I guess it goes along with my new early 90's/emo bang hair cut...

Yesterday was the family reunion. So, plenty of drinking, food, and softball. Saw pictures of Nick's new kid from Big Jer. Talked with him a bit about Chicago and all. I'll be visiting him (maybe) on the 26th.

The Terrorist and I (CIA) went to Lakeshore and hung out with Alice and Megan. Saw Joanna and talked to her a little bit. TJ and Jesse showed up and talked to them a bit. Just kept talking.

Now, this is my Public Service Announcement portion of my blog. Thing of this as being like a do not smoke campaign. This is a "Do Not Drink and Listen To Jeff Bridges" campaign. There was a tree at the show that was leaning and split, which made it perfect for running up. Jeff wanted to "run up trees" and passed the invite along to me. He ran and then I ran. Although, my shoes no longer have tread on them and instead it looked like I just ran full speed into a tree. My knee hurts like shit now. The picture is what it looks like after I cleaned it up. The amazing thing is I was wearing Dickie pants and they didn't even get a scratch on them.

Went to Racquet's after that and saw Amanda, Andrea, and Bobby. There was a guy passed out in vomit next to Amanda's car when we got there. He looked dead and I told the bouncer. They didn't seem to care, but some people carried him off when I tried to help. Hopefully, he knew them. Racquet's got way out of control There were two wedding and a bachelorette parties in there. Dancing on the bar. Wet T-shirt contests. Body shots. Shady guys and horny girls. Lethal combination.

Moved the party to Hasan's and passed out.

Had a picnic at Hasan's when Andrea woke us all up. We were suppose to go to a movie tonight, but Hasan is always late by at least a half hour. Watched Napolean Dynomite instead and laid around Andrea's house.

Guess there was bowling tonight. I didn't get the memo until 1 am. Hope it was fun.

Tomorrow, I have to pick up my final check from work and do some other banking stuff. Check on a few jobs. Monday Night Club. I must do Monday Night Club. Also, meeting with one of my clients. Must meet with client.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Terrorist Intelligence Agency - Same Shit, Different Day (the hit album)

About a week ago, I bitched that Grand Haven was stupid because they have fireworks every year on a dune. Here is my evidence... And that asshole said people from Muskegon were "stupider."

Here is the Commie and the Terrorist.

I (CIA) hung out with Hasan for a while over at P & Q for a while trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Nothing, so we made up our own shit.

Met up with Alice over at Cadillac Jack's. It was a pretty good time. Jesse, Brandon, and TJ were there. I really wasn't in too much of a good mood and not feeling that active.

Brandon certainly knows how to woo the ladies. We are over at Buckley's and every girl who walked through the door got some kind of insult. That drunk asshole. Apologies all around ladies...

Not too sure what is going on today. I'm suppose to get my final paycheck, hang out with Frances, party at Turtle House, something else? Who knows? Call me if you do.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

"I'll Get You Fucked Up. I'll Get You Crack, Her'on, Exstasy, Whatever." THE RETURN OF PHOTOS!

It's a Girl

I'd like to start off by welcoming a new baby girl to the Kraus family. Nick and Kayt gave birth to Ella Cameo Kraus, I believe that is the name, yesterday morning. I haven't heard too many details other than she was 7 lbs, 1 oz., and both mother and child are doing fine. Congrats!!!

On another joyous note: I got my pics back. I didn't do shit. AOL just decided to stop being a little bitch. Go figure...

Here's pics from the Vous from about a week ago. Pretty stale, huh? I'll have some fresh from the garden pics soon. I promise.

Hung out with Alice a little bit at Turtle House. She gave me Blue Moon and I found a new way to pick up girls using a cell phone. It's amazing!

Went to the Blue Note. It was seeing random ass people night there. As soon as I walked in I saw Kristie Weston (Vandersomething). She's a friend and former roommate from Grand Rapids. She was in Muskegon for some party for her friend and I got to meet her husband. It was good seeing her again and I guess I might see her again soon at her housewarming party. There were tons of other people too. Love 'em all.

Finished the night off at the Vous. Totally got into a fight with Tania. I think she learned her lesson. That was followed up with coffee and a half an order of a Sheep Herder Omlette that Hasan couldn't finish.

So, what's with the questions and hard decisions lately? Man, I'm unemployed (other than the music thing), don't really have too many possessions, or much else going on. You would think a dirty hippie like me wouldn't have much to worry about. Man, I feel like I'm at a press conference much of the time trying to answer the media about my life. I will tell you this... I don't know. And, if I did know it doesn't mean anything because it really isn't my decision in the end. That about sums up everything right now (jobs, living situation, etc.). It's really passive, but most people know where I stand on things and they just need to figure out where they stand. And, I do the same shit too. I try to be upfront and avoid the drama. Maybe I just need to let you, the reader, make decisions for me so I know what I am doing wrong.

Enough of that... Don't know what is going on tonight. I have to mail out a rock and/or roll package today. That's about it. If anyone knows what is going on, give me a call.

Monday, August 1, 2005

I Can't Stay Awake...

I am going to nap real soon because all of my friends are maniacs and only let me sleep for a total of 7 hours this weekend. I love you all...

Went rollerskating the other night. We got all dressed up in 70s attire and rinked it up. It was pretty much populated with 14 year old kids. They all thought we were from That 70s House of MTV. Nothing like being a fake famous person. I've never even seen the show. Although, the owner of the place said the kids loved us and he wanted us to come back more often and gave us free passes. Sweet...

That led us to R's for some dancing. Tania, Anashea (sp?), Jake, and others were there and we had a good time. Even though I was about to fall asleep earlier, I ended up at the Vous until about 5 am or something. Mmmm... Cheesesticks...


This is after trying to go bowling and closed down alleys and then some time at the Rocket Pocket. Yeah...

Xavier and Deyonta just look guilty all of the time.

Good times y'all. I had a blast this weekend with everyone. If you are up for something give me a call...

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