Sunday, August 21, 2005

Mass Exodus From Muskegon. So Long Old Friends.

Caleb leaves for Hawaii at 4am. Wish I could have seen more of him this summer, but I hope he has a great time on the island. It was a good time with the Dykema boys. Had some awesome tacos and chips. Mexican food is the quickest way to my heart and Bonnie knows it.

Now for some unfinished business. Here's a letter I got in the mail the other day. It is from one of my students I use to teach over at Moon Elementary School. It made me happy that one of my kids wrote me. Especially one that I thought would hate me. I actually suspended this girl and had all sorts of dicipline problems with her. Maybe she likes me because I didn't let her get away with shit? Anyway, I wrote her a nice letter back and sent her a drawing of a dragon. I drew a dragon because my kids loved them and wanted me to make them one all of the time. So, I've become a very skilled dragon artist.

Also, I have developed a wonderful idea. Last night, Ana Shea and I created a "drama-free room." At parties, a room will be set aside for people who are only looking for a good time. Everyone else can beat each other up, cry, or whatever in the rest of the house. If having a good time catches on at parties, the house can become a drama-free zone and a room can be set aside for bitch slapping, fighting, or general yelling. From now on, that is what I will provide for every party. It is genius.

Tomorrow, I have a full day. I will go shoe shopping for my job interview and monday night club. Yep, a full day. Maybe I will win the World Series on Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball too. Right now, the Tigers are in the Wild Card Playoffs and up 2 - 0 against the California Angels. Lame... I didn't drink today since I am still recovering from yesterday. I don't know how much I will drink tomorrow, but it is Andrea's going away party at MNK. It seems I have either a cold or allergies right now. So, that sucks. Well, I'm fried from this weekend. Thanks for a good time all. Have a good time if you are leaving and see you soon if you are staying.

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