Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Pinteresting

 photo 100_6105_zps8f087a93.jpg
Here's Athena, my newest office mate.  This is the look she gives me when she wants me to stop running queries on the computer.

 photo 100_6107_zpsf1e6e111.jpg
Okay, I'll give you a few minutes...

 photo 100_6109_zpseb4dbfa8.jpg
Now for the arts and craft section of the blog.  He's a centerpiece for our gala: A Night of Purrr Imagination.

 photo 100_6108_zps54f445e9.jpg
The things you can do with cupcake wrappers and candy...

 photo 100_6112_zps6f69abc8.jpg

A giraffe in a fez.  Of course that would be on a cupcake wrapper.  

 photo 100_6117_zps7f42e8cb.jpg
And now for the home decorating portion of arts and crafts, Here's our new swag lamp Megan made over the weekend.  

 photo 100_6118_zpse7767d24.jpg
Another piece of evidence that Spring is here.  

Well, pretty glad to see the Red Wings (hockey version for the Rochester folk) were able to pull off their 22nd consecutive trip to the playoffs.  But, won't be watching the game tonight since it doesn't kick off until 10:30pm...  That is all.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 photo 100_6086_zps721841c3.jpg
Elmer would like to welcome you to Spring-ish and the Lollypop Farm walk
 photo 100_6087_zps81c7400b.jpg
A few of the horses
 photo 100_6088_zps571a902f.jpg

 photo 100_6089_zpsc16702b0.jpg

 photo 100_6092_zpsa7d9111b.jpg
Don't play coy Emu...

 photo 100_6094_zps7b083612.jpg
Sleepy pig

 photo 100_6096_zps2c5aff1a.jpg
Piggy pig

 photo 100_6095_zpsb5702d95.jpg
This is how I thought all of Upstate New York looked before I moved here.

 photo 100_6097_zpsf382cbb5.jpg

 photo 100_6098_zpsd04d6cc0.jpg
Someday this llama will come closer

 photo 100_6099_zps7e5a4231.jpg

 photo 100_6082_zpsd2f5fa6a.jpg
And now all the Daffodils are out.

Enough blogging for now.  It's going to be nice for only a few more minutes.  So, I'm going outside to enjoy it...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


 photo 100_6074_zps73c6fef3.jpg

 photo 100_6073_zps9cfc8064.jpg
Speaking of messes, this is not clutter; it's art.

 photo 100_6075_zpsde1be0c8.jpg
70 degrees and sunny!  Break out the shorts and sandals, honey.  We're a goin' walkin'!  Here's East Chestnut Street in East Rochester.

 photo 100_6076_zps3780215c.jpg
A sure sign of spring were all the softball and baseball games taking place as East Rochester School.

 photo 100_6077_zps787f5b7e.jpg
The entrance to Edmund Lyon Park

 photo 100_6078_zps0d55eaf3.jpg
More baseball, this time at Lyon Park.  

 photo 100_6079_zps91594144.jpg

 photo 100_6080_zps349d79fa.jpg
There's a pretty interesting neighborhood and the southeastern portion of the village.  It seems the developer was trying to create a modern elf village, which these houses don't appropriately show...  Sorry...

 photo 100_6081_zps8429c49f.jpg
Our first flower at the new house.  Not bad little Daffodil.  When I came home today there were a whole row of these guys ready to pop.  I wonder what else will pop up in our yard?

That's all from Rochester.  

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


 photo 100_6068_zps8d17e130.jpg
"OH NO!  SPRING IS HERE" said the surprised snowman in the garbage...

 photo 100_6066_zps98cc07bc.jpg
Sunday breakfast with my wife at Riki's Family Restaurant (http://www.rikisfamilyrestaurant.com/) on Main St in Fairport.  A "Riki Omelet" with Italian sausage, cream and cheddar cheese.  Don't mind if I do!

 photo 100_6067_zps7f19e2aa.jpg
Megan's Frittata.  We've been fortunate at finding some good diners around our new home lately.

 photo 100_6065_zps51ebd6b4.jpg
After a hearty breakfast, thought we'd walk it off checking out the Village of Fairport.

 photo 100_6064_zps98573c7a.jpg
The Erie Canal

 photo 100_6063_zps0f9c6372.jpg
The one-lane Parker Street Bridge

 photo 100_6062_zpse36c7ef4.jpg
First Congressional United Church of Fairport (http://www.fairportucc.org/).  Unfortunate that they couldn't put the power lines underground...

 photo 100_6061_zps5f7fc765.jpg
Another beautiful church with power lines on, appropriately enough, Church Street.  This is Fairport Community Baptist Church (http://www.fairportcommunity.org/)
 photo 100_6060_zps8d164154.jpg
The Green Lantern Inn (http://www.thegreenlanterninn.com/) in the Henry DeLand House (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_DeLand_House)

 photo 100_6059_zpsd5f103b4.jpg
Old gas station at Church and Main Streets

 photo 100_6058_zps1e93951d.jpg
First Baptist Church of Fairport (http://www.fairportbaptistchurch.org/)

 photo 100_6057_zpsbcd8b7ac.jpg

 photo 100_6056_zps9572f784.jpg

Town Hall

 photo 100_6055_zpsabeaae42.jpg
The true Stairway To Heaven.  To know more than you even wanted to know about the Fairport Life Bridge go to: http://www.eriecanal.org/Fairport.html

 photo 100_6054_zps474443ff.jpg

 photo 100_6053_zpsd3fa0bcb.jpg
Not bad looking for an 188 year old...

 photo 100_6052_zps9f85fbc0.jpg

 photo 100_6045_zpsdb3c695d.jpg
I didn't know they had a charging station at the Penfield Library.  What a happy little Nissan Leaf.

 photo 100_6046_zps8842e25c.jpg
Even in death, John Nichols wants to remind everyone that he's #1. 

Since it was old and close, Megan and I decided to check out the Oakwood Cemetery at Baird Road and Whalen Road next to the library in Penfield.

 photo 100_6049_zps34f38b3e.jpg

 photo 100_6048_zps81ae4b20.jpg
Being from the Midwest, it still amazes me that people were doing anything around here in 1829.  My home state of Michigan didn't join the Union until 1837.

 photo 100_6047_zps1ab40fae.jpg
"I'd like to introduce you to my daughter; the lovely Delight Goats..."

 photo 100_6050_zpsd784722d.jpg

 photo 100_6069_zps31de10b3.jpg

Irondequoit Creek in Spring Lake Park.  Why is it called Spring Lake Park when there's no lake?  Well, there use to be a dam on Irondequoit Creek near about where East Linden Avenue crosses and created a lake.  The dam broke, I believe, sometime in the 1940s and most of the area that use to be underwater is now a park.

 photo 100_6040_zpsac0ddc0d.jpg
A couple of kittens in the new clinic at Lollypop Farm

 photo 100_6041_zpsef66f997.jpg
Our new holding area for cats receiving medical treatment.  And that light coming from the back of the cages is the windows so they can look at all the birds and goats outside.  Pretty swanky.

 photo 100_6042_zps34d01c4e.jpg
Prep area

 photo 100_6043_zpsff217c41.jpg
This explains some of the phone calls I've been getting...

 photo 100_6044_zpsf0d47589.jpg
I believe this cat was pondering the meaning of life when I took this picture.  He seemed very deep in thought.

 photo 100_6072_zps12b28bde.jpg
The construction continues, as this guy dragracing his Skyjack in parking lot shows.

Enjoy the nice weather and I'll see you next time!

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