Saturday, September 3, 2005

He's Leaving Here Tonight...

Quick blog tonight. I have to pack up some stuff. I declined the job in Chicago because it was a bunch of swindlers that are going to end up in Federal prison because of tax fraud and misrepresentation. Long story that will be told at a later date. But, I am still moving to Chicago. Sorry to some of you and congrats to others on the news... Here we go...

This is the livingroom to my new apartment. I live in the matrix and the rent is cheap because of the pixalization. It also has a couple of nice sized bedrooms, a decent kitchen, and patio. Rock!

This is State St. Four years of my life was based on a few blocks on this road. I lived in two apartments here, was filmed in Rocky & Bullwinkle the Movie, Graduated at the Chicago Theatre, and many other milestones here. Lots of memories...

Art show at the bean. Fucking rad.

Millenium Park fountain.

fountain again.

View from Tribune Building killing time. It is dead now.

Trying to photograph the coolest ice cream truck ever. You will never know it's radness.

Still trying to capture the essence of the ice cream truck and failing. It is your loss.

Mike Nummerdor's Mom. She is the best and you already know that. She made us brownies and then forced Dale to buy us hot dogs and gyros. So damn cool.

Kedzie stop on the Green Line photographed from roof of apartment building.

Not sure what to tell everyone. Had a good week in Chicago and hope it will be wonderful living there again. I'm going to miss everyone in Muskegon and hope you can all visit me real soon. Here is my address:

Mike Kraus

1836 Lawrence Apt 1A

Chicago, IL 60640

Hopefully, I will have a cell phone by Tuesday. If I have access to the internet I will post it. Otherwise, I will call a few people and ask you spread it around like an unwanted STD. I don't know when I will be posting on here next. But, know that I love and miss you all and that I want to rock out with you in the Windy City ASAP.

<3 Mike

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