Thursday, January 25, 2007


Hey Everyone,

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 The Giant Pizza is as big as our coffee table.

The giant pizza is as big as Matt! Probably the grossest way to save pizza! Did Ted Nugent design this shirt or something? Tyler, Matt, and Nick pre-gaming... Tyler and Nick at a party in Wicker Park Karli getting high off of helium. Karli, Brooke, and Matt trying to get funny voices at the party in Wicker Park. NOTE: Hawaiian bread is really good! SME and Karli at the Wicker Park party. SME's glamour shot. I expect this to be your profile picture until you find another awesome image of Michael Jackson or something... Me and Amanda. Brooke in a stairwell in the style of my childhood bedroom. Brooke's friend's party that was allegedly in Logan Square. Tyler and Matt at faux Logan Sq. Me, Nummerdor, and Amanda sometime around 5am I tripped over this cat. Wing night with Matt and Tyler Matt, Tyler, and Nummerdor at wing night Such filthy hands.... Such a disaster... Really... I am a mess... Matt and Tyler talking with a co-worker On to the Historic Skyscraper tour. This is the Art Institute. A great museum and where I got my undergraduate degree. Chapin & Gore. Whiskey stored in this building was rolled into Lake Michigan during the great fire to protect it. They needed a drink afterwards... The Berghoff use to be a great German restaurant. My boss, Jason, explaining the Marquette Building. The Marquette Building. One of my favorite buildings. Tiffany mural inside of the Marquette Building. Lobby of the Marquette Building. 135 LaSalle (Field Building) Entrance to 135 LaSalle (Field Building) Lobby of the 135 LaSalle (Field Building) The Rookery The Rookery Stairs of the Rookery Grand Staircase of the Rookery Frank Lloyd Wright lights in the Rookery crazy birds on the elevator doors Chicago Board of Trade Building AKA The Wayne Industries Headquarters in Batman Begins. Monadnock Building. World's tallest commercial masonry building. I like that it's lit up like a pumpkin The Fisher Building. Entrance of the Fisher Building. The Old Colony Building. The arcoteria of the Harold Washington Library. The Manhatten Building. Was one of the first skyscrapers and once the tallest building in the world. The entrance to the Manhatten The Leiter II Building. The Harold Washington Library. Tower of the Auditorium Building. Jason describing the Auditorium Building. The Santa Fe Building. A really beautiful building where I work.
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