Sunday, January 7, 2007


I started the Docent Training Program at work this past week. It's looking like quite a bit of work already. So, tack that on to the time I already put into it. Although, it's a good investment. It should help me understand my job better, help me with public speaking, and so on.
Anyway, here's some stuff from Maxwell Street Market:  Tyler buying a $2 hat that he accidently destroyed a couple hours later The Nummerdor boys looking over an old skateboard. Look at the name of the port-O-john company; Oui Oui Enterprises. Nice, very nice. Very French... Nick looking desperately for a CD case Nick, Matt, Tyler and Mike strike gold. A huge collection of good records at low, low prices! Mike with Maxwell Street Market and the Chicago skyline in the background. Tyler showing the usefulness of a giant clip. Nick getting even with Matt... The rockin' bus!

That's about it. So, I will leave it at that... Mike

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