Saturday, February 4, 2006

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As soon as I got to Richmond, I ran up to Matt since he and Mike had just pulled up to Murder House from work. Dustin and Bridgette (sp?) looked like they had a slumber party for much of the day. There was food on the table and they were sprawled on the couches watching Simpson.

We headed over to the Empty Bottle to was Hoyle Bros., which is a country band. I'm not a fan of country music, but these guys were pretty good in the kind of Johnny Cash, Elvis, Willie Nelson way. Later headed over to the Two-Way before I had to call it a night. More on that later with pictures.

No plans per se. Dustin and Bridgette may be out-of-town by the time I'm done at work. I'll get out probably around 3pm today since I'm doing that Japanese television thing. Should be interesting. Anyway, enjoy the show below...

This is the Western bus on my way home. The bus driver asked me if it was alright if she left. I was okay since I had no idea where she would go. It was to Dunkin' Donuts. Unfortunately, Nummerdor didn't give me the idea to steal the bus till later. I could have run the whole route picking people up and everything and then ditch the bus in front of my apartment. Next time...

This is where I will be driving when I steal the bus next time.

This is my favorite church ever. It's an office skyscraper downtown with a cathedral at the top. I use to live a block away from it.

North Ave.

I never see anyone in these shops buying anything. But, there are a lot of them and I really like the window displays.


This is a painting at the Empty Bottle I really like.

This is a ghost bike. It haunts other bikes at the rack.

Fullerton and Western Aves.

Beautiful construction

Mike and Dustin at the Clipper

The man loves his Tom Collins

And so does the lady... The lady is Brigette.

The lady also likes to kiss boys while drinking Tom Collins. Apparently, the boy is quite scared.

This is a building talking to a pretty girl at the Two-Way. Why is there a building at a bar? Buildings have to drink too. He was just walking down the street and as he passed by these kids invited him in. God, I love Chicago.

This is the building when he walked into the bar.

I am repaying the favor. Also, knocking off her glasses. Sweet soberness.

The Hoyle Bros. at the Empty Bottle.

Empty Bottle.

Dustin and Mike at the Two-Way.

Again, but they were ready this time... This time....

The Two-Way!

Ricki is a married man for the past 23 years with three kids ranging in ages from 19 - 27. Ricki is also from Puerto Rico. Ricki is also a flirt who has a thing for girls named Bridgette and teachers.

This is another part of my "Alice Won Smoking" picture collection. Notice how determined she is to get that damn thing lit up. Can you blame her? It's Monday Night Club - Chicago Chapter!

This is Tara advertising what a great deal Clio's truly is.

Audrey, Alice, and Tara at Monday Night Klub.

Nummerdor at Monday Night Klub.

Derrick at Monday Night Klub.

Elizabeth and Matt at Monday Night Klub.

Anne at the Monday Night Klub.

The "Bush Step Down" protest during the State of the Union Address at Daley Plaza

Sign on stairway

Organizers under the Picasso getting the signs and other items ready.

This was organized very well. It's was almost like a farmers market of dissent.

This man was silkscreening t-shirts, backpacks, patches, and anything else you wanted to have that proved you wanted the direction of the administration to change.

Crowd gathers during the speeches.

Picasso would have loved that his art would have been at the center of a anti-war protest.

Protesters in light.

Crowd gathers with the "statue" of George W. Bush overlooking the plaza

This statue of Bush is a replica of the Saddam Hussein statue in the center of Baghdad that the U.S. Army staged a "civilian uprising" taking down Saddam and hailing the American's as liberators. Strange days...

These people took turns standing like this re-enactment of the U.S. military torturing Iraqi prisoners.

This is just a beautiful shot of protesters getting information at the "market" with the Daley Court Building behind where you can see the changing colors of the Goodman Theatre.

The crowd gathers as protesters stage an uprising against the Bush Administration by tearing down the statue of George W. Bush in downtown Chicago. Chants of "Down with Bush" surged through the crowd.

Bush is torn down and a child ran away with his head!

Anarchists arrive on the scene doing what they do best.

Bush lies before the crowd, decapitated. A pretty disturbing scene.

Film crews are brought in to film the effigy as children watch.

Anarchist run in with bottles of "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" with lighter fluid in it. A Bush is Burning.

Chicago Police, in yellow, race in with water bottles to put the flames out.

As the police race to put the Burning Bush out, Anarchists had a shopping cart full of flammable items nearby that they set ablaze as cops were busy elsewhere.

Anarchists chant "Down with the State!"

Despite some concern from organizers and protesters about the anarchists starting fires, most were somewhat okay with it as it was a cold night and the warmth of the fire was nice.

Anarchists and cops clash.

A Chicago Officer watches the cart burn.

Police surround shopping cart and keep crowds away so the fire can die down.

Film and camera crews raid the area.

Fire extinquisher found to put fire out.

Fire extinquisher runs out of retardant and awaiting another one.

ABC Channel 7 film police putting the shopping cart fire out.

All that remains of the shopping cart. Where the hell did they get a shopping cart? The nearest grocery store in Jewel on State and Ohio and you can't get the carts out the door. You can get carts at the Jewel at Roosevelt and State, but that's a mile or two away and difficult to get as well. That's what I call resourcefulness.

Police block off streets as the protesters begin the street procession.

The lights of the Chicago Theater bath protesters on their way to Tribune Plaza.

I tried to take a picture of a sign. But, this guy jumped in front of the camera for some reason. I think he's a lawyer who helps protesters that get arrested. I just like that his face seems to be melting.

Protester gets arrested for drinking alcohol on Michigan Ave.

Protesters on Michigan Ave. The last time I saw protesters on Michigan Ave. was right before the U.S. invaded Iraq. I was a bit nervous because the last time the police lead protesters into Lake Shore Drive and then got mad when they ran into the highway tying up rush hour traffic for hours longer than normal. That lead to a mass arrest of people on Michigan Ave. whether or not they were a part of the protest or not. Needless to say, a lot of rich people and tourist were pissed when they were arrested along with the protesters.

Protesters outside of Bennigan's.

Anarchist's begin taunting Bennigan's patron who said he was a "Bush supporter."

There were street musicians at Tribune Plaza when we arrived. They were rocking out and the protest instantly turned into a dance party. It was some pretty amazing energy. The somewhat somber and angry mood turned pretty festive.

Protesters dancing some more.

Chicago Police surround Tribune Plaza.

Protesters run over to the WGN Radio studio.

Chicago Police create a barricade with their bikes to block protesters from leaving Tribune Plaza.

Protesters before going on an surprise march through the city. Nothing too much happened during that part and I was pretty glad as I ran out of space on my camera.

So, those are the pictures I promised you. Everything is going well for me down here in Chicago. I hope that everyone is as happy as I am right now. I love you all and hope to see you soon.



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