Wednesday, January 23, 2008

R.I.P. Good Friend...

RIP good friend. He died at the Chicago Bulls game last friday. This Kodak EasyShare CX7530 5.0 megapixel camera was the best camera I've ever had. I beat the hell out of it and it should have died sometime in the summer of 2005. I've dropped it in sand, spilt all kinds of liquids on it, and all sorts of other things. The hard drive and all still works, but the lens refuses to open anymore. With that said, that means there probably won't be many photo blogs in the near future.

*Kodak, if you would like to sponsor my blog, I'm willing to negotiate...

The last image taken on my little Kodak. Batman riding My Little Pony off into the sunset...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What’s A Jacob Party Without a Jacob?

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And now, for the rest of the show!

Here's the questions. Does the CTA think people are feeding toast to giant pigeons or tiny toast to normal pigeons?

Brent and Angela's party. Amanda, Karli, Angela, and Vienna Beef Girl. I forget what her name is, but she works for Vienna Beef. She can get 10lbs. of hot dogs for $10. Ask her!

Nate, Doug, and Nick in an important discussion.

Gracie is so laid back.

Tennessee love to bother Gracie.

Amanda telling Nate all about her new apartment

So, Lady was cleaning herself while we were watching TV. I took this picture and she didn't like it. She rolled over and then hid behind the arm of the chair. Then staired at me waiting to kill me in my sleep...

Cicimaca is a candy bar from Andy's Fruit Ranch. Then have tons of foreign candy. This is some kind of chocolate covered chocolate foam with raisins. I had Banako and that was not great. Banana flavored foam with chocolate coating...

France and Amanda and Amanda's AMAZING NEW APARTMENT, which is really close to my apartment. Proof that everyone I know is moving to Chicago.

I liked the pattern on the door. I may use it as a background or something...

There are apartments that are smaller than Amanda's kitchen. Here's Amanda and Noah praising the light. Frances doesn't know what's going on...



Mike Nummerdor pulling up a piece of hardwood floor.

Amanda and SME

Frances and Mike

Amanda, SME, and Frances

Quality girl time

Frances still doesn't know what's going on. SME is interested. Amanda is SHOCKED!

Tyler at another party. Nothing like rockin' the hood!


Nate is looking more like his Wii character all the time...

Noah should have been royalty in the 1500s.

Pretty SME. I have one where she's squishing her face and her tongue is hanging out. Out of my love of her, I will not post it... This time... Remember that and Megan can verify.

Me and SME

Nick and Amanda.

SME, Cliff, and Frances "hooking" on the corner.

Mike, Amanda, and Noah watching something good.

MICHIGAN BAR! Nate and Doug showing off our heritage of knotting pine, fish, and Bob Seger. I propose that Nate, Matt, and Tyler's apartment be known as the MICHIGAN BAR HOUSE from now on. Good job guys.

The dance floor

Sassy SME and unknowing Frances

SME and Frances once again. What are you drinking SME? Did you pull out some homemade Moonshine or something from the Michigan Bar?

Nick, Nate, Doug, and SME finding the benefits of having a dive bar in your own apartment.

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Thanks for your encouragement and support!

Mike Kraus

Thursday, January 3, 2008

"So, You’re Pretty Much Just a Big Kid, Huh?"

Merry X-mas New Year and all!

I do what I have to when I chop onions

For x-mas, we went to visit Megan's family in Rochester, New York. I figured that I made her see my family and go camping for a week. I'd better even the score up a bit. Here's the little lady at Midway Airport.

Midway was shut down for two hours and it was packed with travelers. No seats and the flight was delayed for a few hours.

Here's the bar we ended up in after our flight and dinner. It's somewhere in the Rochester vacinity and called (something) Corner Bar. They had a good cover back that certainly brought the rock!

This is Kelly, which is Megan's brother's dog.

Here's "Illegal Motion," the tailgating vehicle Megan's dad hangs out at when he goes to the Bill's game. Her uncle and family had a pig roast and it was awesome!

And, what's a pig roast without a pig's head on a post. Yep, that's a real pig head threatening the NY Giants and their fans on the way to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Megan eatting the pig body, which was so moist and tender and good!

Food and booze everywhere!

Megan has a lot of uncles and cousins. I only remember Andre and he's not even blood...

Nothing is more festive and christmas-y than a family gathering under a pig head...

LET'S GO BUFFALO! It's official, I've been to more Bills games than Lions or Bears games. So, does that make me a Bills fan? Can't be worse than a Lion fan...

Luckily, the seat at the stadium are heated!

Right after the game ended, they prepared the field for the Winter Classic, which hosted the Buffalo Sabres and Pittsburgh Penguins in the first outdoor NHL game in the US of A.

Remember this picture. This is the 1st quarter. A 4th quarter pic will follow.

The stadium also has an indoor sports bar area. When the sleet and rain and wind picked up, we hid in there for a while.

Nothing like fans getting upset in front of the TV when the game is ten feet to the left.

As promised, the 4th quarter pic. Nothing like watching the Bills lose in freezing rain!

Walking back to the car after the game. Thanks to Megan's dad for the tickets!

We went to Megan's mom's house too and this is the view of Canadagua (sp?) Lake from her porch. It's alright, I guess...

One of the famed finger lakes.

x-mas eve with the family. Here's Rachel (Tachel) and I during our camera war. I think I won because I have Photoshop. Nothing like beating a 3 year old.

"I'm a princess!"

The princess twirling and showing off for the camera and her uncle Dave.

I'm tired of opening and playing with presents.

Here's George Eastman's (of Eastman Kodak) Mansion. Pretty swanky place. The elephant head is a nice sutble statement. I have to thank him for my camera though. It shouldn't work considering how much I beat the thing up.

George and I have similar taste. I would have been a classy gentleman in the late 1800s and early 1900s. I missed my time...

Luscious lady!

Some holiday bears at an old timey gas station in Canadigua (sp?)

Megan's new giant HDTV. X-mas was good to her this year

My x-mas present. Why is it I always look like a serial killer when I get all gussied up?

HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!! Noah getting the NYE party started by messing with the cat

Frances and Amanda!

Megan all dolled up on the sweater couch.


Frances has a sour face

Dance party!

I'm not sure what's going on here.

A nice snowfall for NYE. We're on our way to Goldie's. A great bar with no cover, $1 PBR, and $3 well drinks.

Better take a pretty pic before we get ugly.

IT'S 2008. LET'S MAKE OUT! Frances, you misplaced Noah!

PDA. Way to gross people out.

I don't know...

This was the "pretty" version of the previous pic.

Me, Megan, Frances, and Noah. I don't know where the other girls went. Nick took the pic and Katherine wasn't losing her barstool for anything.

Frances keeps jumping in front of the camera. Are you happy?!?!?

Noah, Nick, Katherine, and Megan at Goldies!

If Frances and I hang out, it's required that we have one "roller coaster" pic taken.

That's it. Hope everyone had a good holiday.



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