Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What’s A Jacob Party Without a Jacob?

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And now, for the rest of the show!

Here's the questions. Does the CTA think people are feeding toast to giant pigeons or tiny toast to normal pigeons?

Brent and Angela's party. Amanda, Karli, Angela, and Vienna Beef Girl. I forget what her name is, but she works for Vienna Beef. She can get 10lbs. of hot dogs for $10. Ask her!

Nate, Doug, and Nick in an important discussion.

Gracie is so laid back.

Tennessee love to bother Gracie.

Amanda telling Nate all about her new apartment

So, Lady was cleaning herself while we were watching TV. I took this picture and she didn't like it. She rolled over and then hid behind the arm of the chair. Then staired at me waiting to kill me in my sleep...

Cicimaca is a candy bar from Andy's Fruit Ranch. Then have tons of foreign candy. This is some kind of chocolate covered chocolate foam with raisins. I had Banako and that was not great. Banana flavored foam with chocolate coating...

France and Amanda and Amanda's AMAZING NEW APARTMENT, which is really close to my apartment. Proof that everyone I know is moving to Chicago.

I liked the pattern on the door. I may use it as a background or something...

There are apartments that are smaller than Amanda's kitchen. Here's Amanda and Noah praising the light. Frances doesn't know what's going on...



Mike Nummerdor pulling up a piece of hardwood floor.

Amanda and SME

Frances and Mike

Amanda, SME, and Frances

Quality girl time

Frances still doesn't know what's going on. SME is interested. Amanda is SHOCKED!

Tyler at another party. Nothing like rockin' the hood!


Nate is looking more like his Wii character all the time...

Noah should have been royalty in the 1500s.

Pretty SME. I have one where she's squishing her face and her tongue is hanging out. Out of my love of her, I will not post it... This time... Remember that and Megan can verify.

Me and SME

Nick and Amanda.

SME, Cliff, and Frances "hooking" on the corner.

Mike, Amanda, and Noah watching something good.

MICHIGAN BAR! Nate and Doug showing off our heritage of knotting pine, fish, and Bob Seger. I propose that Nate, Matt, and Tyler's apartment be known as the MICHIGAN BAR HOUSE from now on. Good job guys.

The dance floor

Sassy SME and unknowing Frances

SME and Frances once again. What are you drinking SME? Did you pull out some homemade Moonshine or something from the Michigan Bar?

Nick, Nate, Doug, and SME finding the benefits of having a dive bar in your own apartment.

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Mike Kraus

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