Artist Statement

Artist Statement

Beauty is a means of survival.  It's identifying patterns for "safety."  Seeing symmetry as "healthy."  Art is a part of our evolutional selection process to determine if we are fit enough to pass on our genes.  For 80,000+ generations, our concept of beauty has been shaped by random selection and advantageous mutations from the African Savanna.  Beauty is an inherent need for useful information.

Beauty is more than a pleasant feeling in our heads.  Well designed items improve our well-being, cognitive function, and moods.  In contrast, poorly designed items cause discomfort, boredom, increased heart rates, and high stress levels.  Several studies have proven these faces.  In one study, a person's "happiness" was directly related to "how beautiful you find the city you live in."  Another study found that hospital patients healed quicker and used less pain medication in beautiful hospital wards than patients in ugly hospital wings.  Over and over again, it is found that making "useful" things "beautiful" improves their function.

What does art mean for us as humans?  Is it a confusing imitation of the world that rewards our basest sexual and violent behaviors?  Perhaps it's a world of make-believe to practice for a place of real-world consequences.  Does beauty have universally objective traits?  Does the human mind need and qualify beauty?

Art needs to play in the imagination of the viewer.  With this theater of the mind, we're allowed to imagine a future world and its many possible outcomes to prepare us for life.  It allows us into the mind of other beings to create empathy.  This world of make-believe provides a template for controlling our emotions, shaping beliefs, and behavior.

The creative arts are the evolutional equivalent of a peacocks showing off its tail to a potential mate.  It is not a solution to the world's problems, but a means of contemplation that creates and solves its own thoughts.  Beauty may be moral, religious, and/or political, but it is not necessary.  Art doesn't bring out the emotions of an individual.  Art is the act of communion with its creator that puts emotions into the mind of the audience.

My artwork is an intentional exploration of the unknown.  It is about something greater than the "self."   It's a never-ending journey for beauty, truth, and justice in action.  The path wanders through the world of love, death and the fate of humanity.  To strive for coherent complexity.  About living a fuller existence.

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