Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Little TV Is a Little Little...

You know the drill...

The DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Renegade/Division Festival. Basically, a festival dedicated to hipsters, artists, 'zine makers, and other oddities...

Check out the wares!

My favorite stand: The Postcard Machine is a girl in a fabric vending machine selling cards and beeping like a vending machine. People didn't care what she was selling, just the show.

A DIY PONY RIDE! Something very sad and wonderful about this...

A fuzzy Baroque photo of Wednesday Night BBQ. Welcome to the "Grillin' Experience" Noah and Ryan!

Nate, Ryan, Matt, and Noah after a few brats and beers!

Even Gracie is feeling the pain of glutony...

Nick and Nate with our new roommate (kinda). He's a "couch surfer" like Nick was over the summer. What is couch-surfing? Check out this website:


Emmanuel is from France and seems like a cool guy. But, there's something unnerving about having a complete stranger on your couch...

Noah has been staying with me for a while until him and Frances move to Chicago and become my neighbors! Completely awesome. Everyone is moving to Chicago! It's like Muskegon just packed up a U-Haul for everyone I know and sent them down. It's heavenly!

That's it for now.



Friday, September 14, 2007

I Like Britney Better Now Than Before...

Here's another installment of my going ons...

Here's Harvey Sid Fisher. You don't know Harvey Sid Fisher? Then I suggest going to YouTube or http://astrologysongs.com/. I highly, highly suggest listening to the songs about Leo the Lion and Aries...

Harvey brings out the ladies!

"This is a duet. Not of a love song. But, couples fighting. I made a whole album of this...

This is how I imagine I will get old. Sad, but true...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK!!! Murder House celebrates Nick's 23rd. Here he is drinking out of his skull and spine beer bong b-day gift.

I am happy to report that all of my co-workers showed up to work on time the next day, unlike the last time. People cannot get fired from going to my house anymore...

The mug Tyler is drinking out of says "Muskegon: The Bowling Capital of the World." That was true at one time. Now, the world headquarters of Brunswick is in Chicago and the manufacturing is heading to Tijuana or something. Oh sweet Muskegon, you shall cling to your other claim to fame "Muskegon: Beer Tent Capital of the World." Funny how those are actually related...

Dance party in the Murder House kitchen.

Now that we've had Superdawg, I think it will be a weekly trip for hot dogs. It brings me back to a simpler time in America. The 1950s and 60s. When all we had to worry about was race wars and a nuclear holocaust. Those were the days...

I tried to photograph Murder House's new large flat screen TV, but captured somethings way more strange...

German Fest thing down at Federal Plaza at 9pm on a Wednesday after a late meeting at work. $5 brats and classic rock have never had it so good...

Calder's Flamingo at Federal Plaza.

That about sums things up for now...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

COME TO NICK’S BIRTHDAY PARTY TONIGHT! (or pic of Labor Day Drunken Irish Actor Car Thiefs)

Hope to see everyone at Nick's B-day tonight at my apartment!

Mi Terra in Little Village for Amanda's B-day.

 B-DAY GIRL!  The Mariachi Band I like this pic because it is red for some reason... Mexican food and mariachi music!

Amanda, Brent, and Karli at Mi Terra.

After picking up Paul Bourdon from the train station and getting some drinks with Ronan and Cormac, Megan's car was broken into. All they stole was Paul's old cell phone maybe worth $3 on the street. There was a Lexus parked behind us with nicer stuff too. Must have been a crack head...
SUPERDAWG! If you haven't been here for a hot dog, then you've never had a real hot dog!
Labor Day festivities at the Murder House

Katie showing off some athletic ability.

Matt nailing the birdie.
Team Nick & Karli.

Frances would appreciate this. I found our old screen at a jewelry store near my work. Probably was the most valuable thing in Cherry House.

My next album cover.

Wednesday Night BBQ never looked so exciting....

Waiting for the play Sive to begin. Ronan's parents are in the show and traveled from Sligo, Ireland to put it on. Very Irish. I understood about half of what was said. I think I got it though. It was very good.
Play action!

Having a few Guinness' after the show with the crew.

This guy is professional Gaelic Football player in Ireland and an actor in the show. He's holding a trophy, which is the equivalent of the Stanley Cup in hockey. They used it for the raffle...

Why is Kareem Abdul-Jabbar giving martial arts classes near my house?
Anyway, see you all tonight at NICK NUMMERDOR'S BIRTHDAY BASH!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Check out this event: Nick Nummerdor’s Birthday Bash!

Hosted By: mike kraus
When: 08 Sep 2007, 10:00 PM
Where: Murder House
1626 N. Richmond St. No. 2
Chicago, IL 60647
United States
mike kraus

Click Here To View Event

Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Hey everyone,

If you are in Chicago, you should check out my friend Ronan's family from Ireland perform. It should be a good time! All the information is below.



Check out this event: Sive

Hosted By: mike kraus
When: 05 Sep 2007, 08:00 PM
Where: Irish American Heritage Center
4626 N. Knox Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630
United States
mike kraus

Click Here To View Event

Check out this event: Sive

Hosted By: mike kraus
When: 06 Sep 2007, 08:00 PM
Where: Irish American Heritage Center
4626 N. Knox Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630
United States
mike kraus

Click Here To View Event

Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Psychodelic Hot Dog

Hey All,

It's been a while... My iMac from 1999 is having some difficulty understanding the internet these days. So much has changed. Unfortunately, that makes it difficult to check email and all. I don't really care to spend $1000 to screw around on the internet. So, if anyone has any bright ideas, I'm all ears...

A part of an exhibit at the Cultural Center.

My lady brought me out to see "high culture." Here's the Chicago Dance Festival at Millennium Park. This is some local company that was very good.

More dancing!

Abbi (sp?) at Annie Zipper's going away party. Goodbye Annie Zipper. Keep in touch.

Megan moved into her new apartment last weekend with the help of Lil Sammy Mover.

This is Megan's new apartment; "The Hobbit House." Why is this the Hobbit House, you ask? First, notice the rounded off edges on the doors and all. Nice touch. Also, the ceilings are only 6' 2". So, no basketball players allowed. It's a great place though. Especially for a 2 bedroom for $600!

This chaise is crazy. It is so well-built and solid, we had to destoy it. It was so big, heavy, and awkward that we could not get it down the stairs. How it got up the stairs baffles me too. It's a shame that such a nice piece of furniture was ruined...

Talking about nice furniture, here's Lynn Nummerdor's latest creation! The psychodelic hot dog is really becoming her trademark!

Who doesn't love a hot dog who knows he's delicious?

It's not everyday that Lamborghinis (sp?) are spotted in Humboldt Park. So, I was going to talk about how these might be to replace the one Lance Briggs, Linebacker for the Chicago Bears recently crashed with only 400 miles on it. But, on my way to the office, I saw these and a couple other Lamborghinis just north of the Merchandise Mart with cop cars marked GPD for Gothem Police Department. So, you'll probably see Christine Bale driving these around downtown Chicago when Batman: The Dark Knight comes out in the next year or so...

That's it. Hope all is well with everyone!



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