Tuesday, April 16, 2013


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Speaking of messes, this is not clutter; it's art.

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70 degrees and sunny!  Break out the shorts and sandals, honey.  We're a goin' walkin'!  Here's East Chestnut Street in East Rochester.

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A sure sign of spring were all the softball and baseball games taking place as East Rochester School.

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The entrance to Edmund Lyon Park

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More baseball, this time at Lyon Park.  

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There's a pretty interesting neighborhood and the southeastern portion of the village.  It seems the developer was trying to create a modern elf village, which these houses don't appropriately show...  Sorry...

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Our first flower at the new house.  Not bad little Daffodil.  When I came home today there were a whole row of these guys ready to pop.  I wonder what else will pop up in our yard?

That's all from Rochester.  

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