Tuesday, April 23, 2013


 photo 100_6086_zps721841c3.jpg
Elmer would like to welcome you to Spring-ish and the Lollypop Farm walk
 photo 100_6087_zps81c7400b.jpg
A few of the horses
 photo 100_6088_zps571a902f.jpg

 photo 100_6089_zpsc16702b0.jpg

 photo 100_6092_zpsa7d9111b.jpg
Don't play coy Emu...

 photo 100_6094_zps7b083612.jpg
Sleepy pig

 photo 100_6096_zps2c5aff1a.jpg
Piggy pig

 photo 100_6095_zpsb5702d95.jpg
This is how I thought all of Upstate New York looked before I moved here.

 photo 100_6097_zpsf382cbb5.jpg

 photo 100_6098_zpsd04d6cc0.jpg
Someday this llama will come closer

 photo 100_6099_zps7e5a4231.jpg

 photo 100_6082_zpsd2f5fa6a.jpg
And now all the Daffodils are out.

Enough blogging for now.  It's going to be nice for only a few more minutes.  So, I'm going outside to enjoy it...

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