Tuesday, April 30, 2013

How Pinteresting

 photo 100_6105_zps8f087a93.jpg
Here's Athena, my newest office mate.  This is the look she gives me when she wants me to stop running queries on the computer.

 photo 100_6107_zpsf1e6e111.jpg
Okay, I'll give you a few minutes...

 photo 100_6109_zpseb4dbfa8.jpg
Now for the arts and craft section of the blog.  He's a centerpiece for our gala: A Night of Purrr Imagination.

 photo 100_6108_zps54f445e9.jpg
The things you can do with cupcake wrappers and candy...

 photo 100_6112_zps6f69abc8.jpg

A giraffe in a fez.  Of course that would be on a cupcake wrapper.  

 photo 100_6117_zps7f42e8cb.jpg
And now for the home decorating portion of arts and crafts, Here's our new swag lamp Megan made over the weekend.  

 photo 100_6118_zpse7767d24.jpg
Another piece of evidence that Spring is here.  

Well, pretty glad to see the Red Wings (hockey version for the Rochester folk) were able to pull off their 22nd consecutive trip to the playoffs.  But, won't be watching the game tonight since it doesn't kick off until 10:30pm...  That is all.

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