Sunday, August 21, 2005

Choose Your Own Title: This Week is The Turning Point - o

eSo, here we go. I decided that I have been lazy with my pictures lately. Therefore, I have posted more this time for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy.

This is a dancing egg from the side of a semi. I thought he was hilarious. Unfortunately, I didn't realize he was going to be on the back of the trailer too. On the back, it said "Rear end me and the yoke is on you" with the egg looking like a psycho killer. I will have to find this truck again.

On the swingset before Amanda's nondate-date. She's went out with a GR guy that sounds an awful lot alike a guy someone else I know is dating. Not getting in the middle of that.

These ladies at Mo'z dance like they are Charlie Brown. I love them...

Andrea, Big Gay Bill, and myself. More Indie rock album covers.

Corey and April's wedding down at Lake Harbor Park.

Eleanor picking up a date.


Things have really started to look up for me lately. I'm having a blast and really just figuring out what I want and will be doing. I have lots of things on the burner right now and I'm just hoping it doesn't explode in my face. In talking with TAD last night, I realized that I am on the right path and I just have to stay true to that.

So, this week begins the mass exodus of Muskegon. I have had three or so going away parties this week. Caleb, Alice, Colleen, Hasan, and more are all leaving me. So, I wish them luck and we'll have to get together sometime.

I'll be heading to Chicago on Thurday for my job interview. I'm a bit nervous about it, but it should go fine.

Hell, all is going well for me. How bad could it be? Jeez, even Lindy commented last night that I remind him of James Dean. Yes my friend, I am a Rebel Without a Cause. Somehow, that seems appropriate.

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