Wednesday, August 17, 2005

"Get You Walk On. Get Your Head Tight. You Feel This Shit

Nice sunny day all day in Muskegon. Pretty much for the whole summer. Andrea was telling me that it was raining like a bitch in GR. You can see how the sun is bathing our humble hamlet and giving the wrath of a just god upon the Philistines. Actually, the clouds don't look that bad in my pic. But, they were much worse in my memory (as many things are).

Drive-In tonight. Saw Skeleton Key. It was alright. It was pretty exciting at the drive-in though. There was some crazy family in a tiny Geo that screamed at each other. It was like a family from a David Lynch film. Then, there was some guy right next to them that had a heart attack or something and a fire truck and ambulance came to save him. It was fun.

This is a thug. Don't mess with this bitch. She will stab you in the face.

That's about it. My diet and exercise plan is finally yielding expected results. Soon, I will have one of those six pack shirtless choad guy pictures of myself on myspace. What else? I gave a Michigan handshake the other day. Umm... Talked on the phone for a while about drama for ya momma. I am awesome at Ken Griffey Jr. Baseball for the Super Nintendo. I have to make a logo for a record company tomorrow. Hmmm.... I'm really forcing this too much.

Tomorrow. What am I going to do? I have no plans. I shall get myself into trouble somehow.

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