Thursday, August 11, 2005

"I'll Get You Fucked Up. I'll Get You Crack, Her'on, Exstasy, Whatever." THE RETURN OF PHOTOS!

It's a Girl

I'd like to start off by welcoming a new baby girl to the Kraus family. Nick and Kayt gave birth to Ella Cameo Kraus, I believe that is the name, yesterday morning. I haven't heard too many details other than she was 7 lbs, 1 oz., and both mother and child are doing fine. Congrats!!!

On another joyous note: I got my pics back. I didn't do shit. AOL just decided to stop being a little bitch. Go figure...

Here's pics from the Vous from about a week ago. Pretty stale, huh? I'll have some fresh from the garden pics soon. I promise.

Hung out with Alice a little bit at Turtle House. She gave me Blue Moon and I found a new way to pick up girls using a cell phone. It's amazing!

Went to the Blue Note. It was seeing random ass people night there. As soon as I walked in I saw Kristie Weston (Vandersomething). She's a friend and former roommate from Grand Rapids. She was in Muskegon for some party for her friend and I got to meet her husband. It was good seeing her again and I guess I might see her again soon at her housewarming party. There were tons of other people too. Love 'em all.

Finished the night off at the Vous. Totally got into a fight with Tania. I think she learned her lesson. That was followed up with coffee and a half an order of a Sheep Herder Omlette that Hasan couldn't finish.

So, what's with the questions and hard decisions lately? Man, I'm unemployed (other than the music thing), don't really have too many possessions, or much else going on. You would think a dirty hippie like me wouldn't have much to worry about. Man, I feel like I'm at a press conference much of the time trying to answer the media about my life. I will tell you this... I don't know. And, if I did know it doesn't mean anything because it really isn't my decision in the end. That about sums up everything right now (jobs, living situation, etc.). It's really passive, but most people know where I stand on things and they just need to figure out where they stand. And, I do the same shit too. I try to be upfront and avoid the drama. Maybe I just need to let you, the reader, make decisions for me so I know what I am doing wrong.

Enough of that... Don't know what is going on tonight. I have to mail out a rock and/or roll package today. That's about it. If anyone knows what is going on, give me a call.

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