Sunday, August 14, 2005

"I Can Drink A Whole Hennesey Fifth. Some Call It A Problem. I Call It A Gift."

I may not be on any tourism board or anything. But, I found this on Washington Ave. in Grand Haven. Granted, it is with a bunch of other military paraphenalia, I don't think it is a good idea to have Nazi flags promeniently displayed in your windows when your town has a problem of being populated with White Supremicists. Just a gut feeling.

I was in GH with Frances rocking out. I bought her glasses and she bought me food. It was a match made in heaven. My new glasses have yellow lenses and makes me look like a raver. Fucking ravers. I guess it goes along with my new early 90's/emo bang hair cut...

Yesterday was the family reunion. So, plenty of drinking, food, and softball. Saw pictures of Nick's new kid from Big Jer. Talked with him a bit about Chicago and all. I'll be visiting him (maybe) on the 26th.

The Terrorist and I (CIA) went to Lakeshore and hung out with Alice and Megan. Saw Joanna and talked to her a little bit. TJ and Jesse showed up and talked to them a bit. Just kept talking.

Now, this is my Public Service Announcement portion of my blog. Thing of this as being like a do not smoke campaign. This is a "Do Not Drink and Listen To Jeff Bridges" campaign. There was a tree at the show that was leaning and split, which made it perfect for running up. Jeff wanted to "run up trees" and passed the invite along to me. He ran and then I ran. Although, my shoes no longer have tread on them and instead it looked like I just ran full speed into a tree. My knee hurts like shit now. The picture is what it looks like after I cleaned it up. The amazing thing is I was wearing Dickie pants and they didn't even get a scratch on them.

Went to Racquet's after that and saw Amanda, Andrea, and Bobby. There was a guy passed out in vomit next to Amanda's car when we got there. He looked dead and I told the bouncer. They didn't seem to care, but some people carried him off when I tried to help. Hopefully, he knew them. Racquet's got way out of control There were two wedding and a bachelorette parties in there. Dancing on the bar. Wet T-shirt contests. Body shots. Shady guys and horny girls. Lethal combination.

Moved the party to Hasan's and passed out.

Had a picnic at Hasan's when Andrea woke us all up. We were suppose to go to a movie tonight, but Hasan is always late by at least a half hour. Watched Napolean Dynomite instead and laid around Andrea's house.

Guess there was bowling tonight. I didn't get the memo until 1 am. Hope it was fun.

Tomorrow, I have to pick up my final check from work and do some other banking stuff. Check on a few jobs. Monday Night Club. I must do Monday Night Club. Also, meeting with one of my clients. Must meet with client.

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