Saturday, August 12, 2006

One Satisfied Customer.

A slow day at work meant I had to go do some "career development." So, I took a ride on our new ship, "The Fair Lady." Nice boat on a great day.

The Wrigley Building

View along Wacker Drive.

The new Trump Tower with the IBM building in the background.

Cones dangling off the bridge to warn boats that there is construction on the bridge and things may fall.

A train bridge that is no longer in use.

I think the name of this building has something to do with the park in front of it. I forget...

New condo going in on the North Branch of the Chicago River.

A Helmut Jahn building at the river junction.

A view of the South Branch of the Chicago River.

A view of the Main Branch of the Chicago River.

Merchandise Mart!

River City by Bertram Goldberg.

A shot of the Sears Tower. Notice how small most the buildings look around it. Most of those are around 24+ stories high.

Close up of the Sears Tower.

Boeing World Headquarters.

New Trump Tower.

NBC Tower.

Point Place

A view of Chicago from the locks.

Chicago Harbor

A pirate ship!

That's all from Chicago. Much love to everyone. Also, here's a link to my 'zine if you haven't seen it yet:

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