Thursday, March 14, 2013

Historic Four Corners of Penfield

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These are some sketches of the Historic Four Corners of Penfield, which is where I live near the intersection of Penfield Rd and Five Mile Line Rd.  It's a place rich in history (which there is more detail about at: and a great place to walk with lots of small businesses and access to parks and trails.

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An interesting blog about the Historic Four Corners of Penfield is:

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One of my favorite buildings in the area is the iconic Wakan-Hubbard Masonic Temple (  It's such a stately building.  

Thanks for letting me share my neighborhood and sketches.

3/21/2013 - Board approves new Italian cafe, Rosey's expansion in Penfield from Penfield Post

3/21/2013 - Landscaping office, cafe (5 Mile Cafe) proposals for Four Corners from Penfield Post

3/19/2013 - New Traffic Signals Planned For Four Corners Intersection from Penfield Post:

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