Tuesday, March 12, 2013


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Victor Chili Challenge hosted by the Victor Merchants Association (http://www.victorldc.org/)  

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Mmmm...  This was from Cole & Parks (http://coleandparks.com/) at Victor Coal & Lumber (http://www.victorcoalandlumber.com/).  It was a very good steak and chipotle chili that was hearty.  And, I now have a new found love of eating in hardware stores.

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The Game Gamut (http://www.thegamegamut.com/) hosted Mickey Finn's (http://www.mickeyfinnsrestaurant.com/).  It was a pretty tasty chili with some kick.  Plus, everyone will be getting board games for christmas as I already found something for everyone next year.

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The Burger Shack (http://www.burgershackgrill.com/) hosted Chef Chase.  What I learned walking in was they have a Best Plate Challenge where you eat their version of a "garbage plate" (http://rocwiki.org/Garbage_Plates) in 20 minutes and you get a T-shirt.  Little do they know that I have a hollow leg...

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Grandpa Bob's Old Fashioned Candy Store (http://pennycandy.me/Candy_Store/Welcome.html) hosted Legacy at Fairways (http://www.legacyrochester.com/legacy.php?location=victor&section=about).  I wish I knew the name of their chef because he had the most gourmet chili I've ever had.  In fact, he won "Most Creative Chili" in the overall competition.  

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Hopper Hills Floral and Gifts (http://www.hopperhills.com/) hosted the Thirsty Turtle (http://thirstyturtlebar.com/), which won for "Spicey Beef."

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Jon Bon Jovi's Music?  No chili here; just rock and roll

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First Presbyterian Church of Victor (http://www.victorpres.org/).  No chili here either; just God and a beautiful church..

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Apparel Printers Plus (http://www.apparelprintersplus.com/) hosted Bernardo's Pizza & Subs (http://www.facebook.com/BernadosPizzaAndSubs?fref=ts).  Dave's chili won "Most Unique Flavor," but I think it should have won overall best.  It had a great flavor with a little kick.  And, probably the highest quality beef ever in a competition.  

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Southeast corner of Maple Ave and East Main St.

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Northeast corner of Moore Ave and East Main St.  They are so fortunate to have this village still intact.

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The Black Diamond hosted Chef Kevin.  This bar reminded me of home...

To recap, the winners of the Victor Chili Challenge were:

Bistro 11 - Best Overall
Thirsty Turtle -Spicey Beef!
Legacy - Most Creative
Bernardo's - Most Unique Flavor
Bistro 11 - Poultry
Soup Spoon - Vegetarian
Bistro 11 - The People's Choice

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Beautiful Building at Moore Ave and West Main St.  

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And, since it was such a great weekend outside, we walked over to W Commercial St in East Rochester just to see what was going on.

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Another mural on Andrews St between Clinton Ave and St. Paul St.  
Hope you enjoyed the nice weather while it was here!

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