Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Little Piggy Told Me We Reached Our Goal At Telethon

 photo 100_5987_zps89f455b7.jpg
Our goal was to raise $234,000 and we reached $236,654!  Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers, staff, and friends of Lollypop Farm who made it possible!

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The set

 photo 100_5986_zps6f3082ca.jpg
Big donation on a big check.  I wish banks offered these as an option for check books.  I'd love to pay my bills and groceries with one of these.

 photo 100_5988_zps8009991d.jpg
Never underestimate the power of puppies to put a crowd into a trance!  
 photo 100_5989_zpsd39488eb.jpg
Oh Tim, what a wonderful backhanded comment to your fellow retail team.  I always aim to be "not the worst ________" in all I do...

 photo 100_5990_zpsa820ab04.jpg
Petpalooza Dog Car!  I'll have to ask how much it cost to do this.  Something like this needs to be done to my ride. 

 photo 100_5981_zps18be8334.jpg

 photo 100_5982_zpsd414ce28.jpg
"We are so little and oinky!"

 photo 100_5983_zpsb8246d8e.jpg
A pig pile under the heat lamp.  

 photo 100_5979_zps796e7b66.jpg
Thanks Adrienne for providing me a website to look up Rochester graffiti at: http://wall-therapy.com.  This is "Bears" by ROA (http://unurth.com/filter/ROA) located at St. Paul Street and Pleasant Street.  Where...  Do...  I...  Begin...

That's it for now.  Off to see Book of Mormon (http://www.rbtl.org/). 

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