Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, the Party Will Commence In the Drinking Gazebo

New Muskegon Drinking Gazebo Circa 2005

Monday Night Club was alright. Had a few drinks, good friends, fun conversation, and somehow I learned to shoot pool. Actually, I was playing amazing pool doing all sorts of trick shots and all. I should have won two games, but for some reason I was fucking up the real easy shots I had at the end. If I wanted to jump a ball, bounce it off the rail, and blow up the corner pocket I could make it... Karma.

Since it rained last night I ended up staying at Eleanor, Ryan, and Jacob's house. Nothing like showing up to work smelling like smoke and booze in clothes you slept in.

Kids were fine today. In fact, this week they have been really easy to take care of. Either that or I'm beginning not to care what they do... What a great dad I am to those 20-some odd kids...

Tonight I am suppose to go to the drive in. Good luck with that in the rain. Maybe we should move it to the Plaza or something. What to do? Give me a minute and I shall have a few ideas... I don't have any plans for Wednesday either. Do I? Did I plan to do something with someone tomorrow? If so, remind my dumb ass.

<3xoxo<3 Mike Kraus, Mayor for Life of Muskegon

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