Wednesday, June 22, 2005

"If I Tell You It Better Not End Up On the Internet."

The dentist has turned into a futuristic wonderland. I haven't been to the dentist in three years and now there are computers everywhere. I went in for a teeth cleaning and didn't end up getting one. Although, I don't have any cavities. So, I had to schedule another appointment to clean my teeth and now have to think about removing my wisdom teeth as well. I will get a tooth whitening kit for free. They had to make impressions of my teeth and I almost puked on myself. This nasty pink strawberry flavored goo went down my throat and I gagged. I had to pull it out or I would have been a horrible site biking down McCracken.

I worked on Damanda's patio again today. The picture below shows the area we dug out.

We have the area all cleaned out and mostly level now. The next step is boxing it off and pouring the cement. There will be a pond and garden as well. It will look nice and I now have lifelong priviledges to it.

Damanda, Andrea, and I had dinner at BW3. They are good company and I hope that Andrea, Laurie, and I get to hang out on Friday. It should be a good time.

Piston's basketball game tonight and that means Mike's Inn. Oh, what? You didn't get the memo. Meeting tonight at Mike's Inn. Where the hell was everyone? The Piston's won and forced a game 7. It was exciting and there was very few of us hardcore folks celebrating. Look how quiet and lonely it looks... You bitches better be there Thursday for the back-to-back victory celebration followed by unnecessary, but very fun, celebratory riot.

Jacob and I went to Racquet's where it was just as lively. Had a bit of a heart-to-heart. Nothing is better than true friendship.

Rode my bike home and appreciated how nice it is to be home. How beautiful it is. How wonderful the people are. How relaxed the atmosphere is. And the possibilities I have for the future...

I have absolutely no plans for tomorrow. I need to keep the party going until July when I have to work. So, if you know of something going on we need to rock out.

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