Monday, July 31, 2006

So damn hot...

Man, it's like a thousand degrees outside today. I can't believe there are actually people who purposefully move to places that are like this all the time. This reminds me of my trip to Death Valley, California when I was 17. I vowed then I would never live in a place without water. Thankfully, my girlfriend has air conditioning...

The new Pink Line Train!

Wicker Park Festival. Look at the size of that Guacamole (sp?) bowl!

Wicker Park Festival. They were missing two things for a good fair. Good cheap beer and Chicago sausages...

Wicker Park Festival from Damen Stop Blue Line

Streetwall just off of Congress

One of the tall ships in this week for the festival downtown

Alley behind my work

Wabash Streetwall between Adams and Jackson

Moose made of bumpers from that artist in Evanston

Frances who know lives in Evanston. We went to a few too many bars and had about a 5th too much Rum. Arg!

Twisting TV at ABC studios on State and Lake

Frances and I at Snickers on State

Nick Nummerdor and Lloyd


Frances and Matt.

Murder House neighbor, Christine (I believe)

Classified ads in Chicago

Matt is in awe

Frances and I somehow woke up at 7:30am sick to our stomachs, hungover, and trying to take the bus home. I didn't even get a nap in. Frances may be dead...

France Close. Intern, freelance artist, friend. R.I.P.

That's it from Chicago. I'm going to lay in front of the air conditioning and eat chips and cheese today. Much love.



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