Friday, July 14, 2006

At the Press As We Speak...

Hey everyone,

I have a 'zine at the printshop right now. I'm suppose to pick it up around noon and then staple and distribute it this weekend. That's what you can expect to see next...

Stephano's "heart-shaped pizza for any special occassion at no extra cost!"

Looking at Noah's face, the heart-shaped pizza was the special occassion. Well, that and Frances moving to Chicago!


Stella's Bar. This place is awesome. Stella makes drinks as stiff as Mike's Inn, but with good liquor. Best $4 I've spent in a while.

Vincent set up a softball game and look who showed up! His name is Matt, he drives a motorcycle with a sidecar, and that's all I need to know he's good people.

Humboldt Park is really nice. No wonder all the homeless guys camp there.

Hot softball action on a small kickball field.

Laura so killed Vincent's pitch.

One man's garbage is another man's treasure.

This is actually an advertisement for CSI: Charlie Chaplin...

Montrose Harbor

Went to Montrose Park to see the movie Airplane!

"Instead of a drive-in, this is a walk-in." Do you know what? Chicago's awesome.

That's it from down here. Hope all's going well back in Michigan (or wherever you people moved to) and see you Chicagoans soon.



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