Tuesday, April 22, 2008

You’re Pretty Judgmental About Brand Names For a Hippie...

As many of you know, Nick Nummerdor has started his own nonprofit organization along with a few other people. I'm helping consult for the Chicago Youth Skateboard Project and they need some assistance. We're looking for a lawyer and/or accountant to do some pro bono work. A lawyer for some advice about waivers and possible issues with mixing children with skateboards. An accountant to review the 1023 tax forms for the 501 (c) 3 status of CYSP. So, if you or someone you know is interested, please feel free to contact me or Nick Nummerdor:


Bubba/Brandon is in the group The Evidence. They are really good and you should see them. This is the group that opened for them, The Lumberkings, and they are hilarious as well. Here's their info:

The Lumberkings look to explore how man is affected by society and vice versa through a series of two-person improvised scenes that are far less pretentious than this description would have you believe.

Donny's Skybox Theatre @ Second City
1616 N. Wells St., Chicago, IL 60614
Call Bubba for more info. at: 805.570.1069

Building on their acclaimed closing night act from this year's Chicago Sketchfest, The Evidence return to the stage to slightly alter the landscape of sketch comedy.

THURSDAY, APRIL 17TH @ 10:30pm

THURSDAY, APRIL 24TH @ 10:30pm


Tickets $10, $8 students, $5 TC students

Here's Bubba as Ed Harris at a cafeteria.

"Are You Ed Harris?" What a jerk...

There's nothing quite like a pervert going through the underwear at Gap...

So, here's the world's famous Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois. Here's some information about it:
Leaning Tower of Niles, Illinois @ Roadside America

Fine Italian inspired architecture surrounded by the fine American urban planning of strip malls and car lots.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE, SME, & TENNESSEE! You will be a great off-Broadway show one day!

Here's B-day girl Katie

B-day girl SME

Finally, b-day boy Tennessee

Tennessee loves his new apartment. There's a yard to play in and kids love to play with him. There were about eight kids screaming "TENNESSEE! TENNESSEE!" during the night. Cliff and SME's place is really nice too.

A couple more of the neighborhood kids. It seems the neighbor kids love to party with us these days.

Mike, Frances, and Noah on the patio

Frances, Noah, Karli, and Katie lighting the cake. Where's the cupkarli's?

Hector (?), Cliff, and Megan

The cake was real good. It was marbled and huge.

Nick making sure Tennessee gets in on his b-day action. Also, who is that in the background? IT'S MALI!!! She came in and visited us from New York.

"Sausage is a religion in Chicago." -Judge from Top Chef: Chicago. Here's proof


Admiral Karli Nelson on her latest CD release

Here's Admiral Nelson's rum. He looks like Conan O'Brien in weird pants with two capes. Also, is he standing on huge coconuts or is he really small? I love these kinds of logos

Noah, Amanda, and Hector

Bring the party to the livingroom

Megan and I decided to head over to the LP Zoo for the Green Apple Festival and found this. This is the 2nd Bears van I've found in a week. It may be my new summer hobby.

You know her by now.

Making newspaper boxes interesting.

Green Apple Festival at LP Zoo to promote Earth Day.

KYLE ORTON!!! He's one of my favorite football players. For you who don't know him, he's best known for being the 3rd string quarterback for the Chicago Bears in 2006 when the others were injured. He got them to the playoffs by no turning the ball over and letting the defense score touchdowns. For real...

Lady lion sunbathing

Lion looking at all the people he could eat at the Green Apple Festival

Mmmmm.... Delicious lion food....

I really liked these guys for some reason. They're Wild African Dogs and were pretty active. The hippie music was probably bothering them.

Another Wild African Dog

A Sunbear. I really like having bears as neighbors.

If I illegally owned any exotic animal, it'd be a bear and he'd ride a bicycle.


Here he is scratching or dry humping a log

The bear found something good to lick on the bottom of that rock...

A Black Rhino

A mobile juice stand!

Epic pic of Megan biking along Lakeshore Drive near Irving Park

Finally, here's the first thing the hippies at LP Zoo gave me. A postcard for the Rothbury Festival. I grew up near Rothbury and it's weird to think of anyone going there on purpose. It's the same weekend as Summer Celebration and the Muskegon Air Fair. I hope they are all a success. But, it seems with how many months there are that people in Muskegon say "This place is so boring" they could spread them out a little bit. But, what would Muskegon be if it weren't self-destructive?

That's all from the beautiful hamlet of Chicago. Until next time.



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