Thursday, April 10, 2008

MMMmmmm.... Exotic Chinese Meat.....

BBQ last week. Here’s SME with Tennessee

Cliff waiting for his brats to cook.

Karli. I didn’t use a fish eye lense. The door is just that warped...

Mike. I hear he’s sick. So, wish him well.

Nothing is better than Shrimp, Fish & Shrimp that was once lost and now found...

A typical Chicago corner.

Megan and I were working on our bikes and my neighbor, Junior, decided to come out and work on his bike as well.

Junior smiling

Junior giving the Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson look

Megan all gussied up for biking around town. It was, by far, the healthiest day of my life.

The Boat House in Humboldt Park. Be sure to look for it in the upcoming movie Humboldt Park.

Megan looking over the vast expanse of the park

Checker board in Wicker Park where we ate our all-natural sandwiches. I told you it was the healthiest day of my life.

People enjoying Wicker Park on a warm sunny day

Megan in the park

Me and my Choppers.

Looking good

Megan looking for new and trendy ways to wear a helmet. Look for hipsters and other trendy folk to be doing this soon!

Nice graffiti

Lincoln Park at the conservatory looking south

A Sun Bear at the Lincoln Park Zoo

Some kind of reindeer

The Lion was pretty active that day.

This is the place I’ll go the next time I need my "Foreing" car fixed

Brent, Angela, and Evan hosted the BBQ at their place last night. Angela just got back from China a little bit ago. It sounds like an interesting place. She could tell you a lot more about it than I can. So, go ask her...

MMMMmmmm.... Grilled meat....

Angela brought back lots of exotic meat from China. No one was quite sure what it was since it was all written in Chinese. But, some guesses included: chicken liver, turkey knuckles, spicy tofu, and chicken feet...

Some girl at the world’s coldest fire. For some reason, this fire gave off absolutely no heat. Cliff actually put his hand halfway into the flame and still said "It’s still not hot!"

That’s about it. Bubba (Brandon) (Fellow Muskegon Exile living in Chicago) is having an improv show tonight at Second City. If you are interested in going, give me a call by 3pm so I can try to get some tickets. The show starts at 10:30pm. My number is 773.241.4599



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