Sunday, April 1, 2007

I'm Ready To Retire...

X-mas is over

When the branch hit the sidewalk, a squirrel leapt about 8-6 ft. in the air and chased the tree crew around. Certainly the best way for me to wake up and head to work in the morning.

Dinner at Carnivale

Desert at Carnivale


Police race in once action takes place.

Suddenly, those cop shows aren't looking so fake...

Thin Lizzy cover band!

Lone Star advertisement

Glessner House. My company saved this house in 1966 and that's what lead me to having a job about 40 years later.

Chicago is pretty.

Look at all that water. Good stuff!

Rem Koolhaas' Student Union at IIT

Hey Chicago! You're looking good these days. Good times!!!

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