Monday, April 23, 2007

All Dolled Up

Guten Tag,

 Hayley and Roberto at Docent Appreciation Night. This is a work party we have every year to thank our volunteers for giving thosands of hours of free labor to the Chicago Architecture Foundation. Hayley and Roberto once again Vincent is an efficient killing machine. That is if wine is the target getting killed. About 384 of our guests for Docent Appreciation Night at the Hotel Intercontinental on North Michigan Avenue. Pretty swanky... Once again, proving that you can dress me up, but you can't take me anywhere. Nick setting up the new hammock at Murder House. SUCCESS! The Muskegon Exiles headed out to the suburb of Lyons (?) for a party where this couple installed an inflatable pool in their family room. Nick is testing the water. Matt and Tyler were disappointed because they thought it was "a pool of Jack Daniel's!" My new best friend Clark. If you pet him, he will be your best friend too! WARNING: This dog will drool all over you and will require you to wash you pants because of the sheer amount of slobber. All in for the pool party! Tyler, Mike, Katie, and Andrew out for fresh air and cigerettes at the pool party. In the backyard, they are installing a gnome garden, fire pit, and a trampoline that you can bounce onto from the roof of the house. Truly, this is a home owned by children and I applaud them. Matt, Andrew, Clark the St. Bernard, and Katie at the pool party buffett. Tyler starting up the grill. The grill! Matt, Tyler, and Karli grilling. At the Lincoln Park Zoo for the Earth Day celebration. As expected, the LPZ invited hippie jam bands to play making it the worst place on Earth to be as yuppies with stollers and hippies joined forces. It was like the South Park episode when hippies decent on South Park and take over everything. I would be Cartman... Outside of LPZ, all was good on a nice, warm Chicago day.

Later! Mike

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