Monday, June 2, 2014

The Company Picnic

Scout, Chief Czar of the Company, overseeing the construction of the grill for our annual employee picnic,  

Scout posing with the grill our generous investors provided the organization to improve morale.

So many wonderful features! 

The Chief Czar and Corporate Emperor (who's title is more important is yet to be determined) review the action items for the main event.

Safety inspection to see if we meet minimum OSHA requirement. 

Meeting between the titans to discuss the afternoon's menu.   

 Final review of the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) before the celebration.

Beautiful piece of equipment, isn't it?

 ¡PrecauciĆ³n Caliente!

Firing up!

Who doesn't love grilled gourmet pizza? 

S'mores for dessert.

Great end to the perfect day.

Thanks to all our wonderful employees.  It is because our all your hard work that we've been able to maintain our lifestyle.  

Please visit the Company website at:
Don't see anything you'd like, let us know and we could create something special for you!

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