Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hoping To Reap What I Sow

Scout helping us remove the fence from the old garden and move it to its new location.

Here's the old veggie garden in the waaaay back portion of our yard.  As you can see, it's really overgrown and its next to the "deer highway" and acts as a roadside diner for them.  

Tilling the soil.  It's a bit more convenient near since it's near the house and better conditions.  Our home resides on an old strawberry farm, so I hope it's pretty fertile.

Megan's breaking up the soil and weeding.

A nice little plot of soil.

What kind of seeds is the little girl planting?  We have onions, brussels sprouts, green beans, watermelon, and carrots.  

So this is what onion seeds look like.  hmmm...

All done (almost).  Just need to straighten out the fence a little bit and then the maintenance until harvesting.  We should have onions by mid/late October, brussels sprouts mid-September, green beans in mid-August, watermelon in September, and carrots in early-September.  Should be an interesting experiment for us.

Went to Warner Castle (http://www.rcgc.org/about-warner-castle) for an event the other day.  Some of you may remember this place as the location we took our wedding photos.

 This is the Sunken Garden.  A wonderful place for wedding pictures and role playing games (RPG)...


The wallpaper inside Warner Castle

Flower in our garden.  Can't take credit for this.  It was all the previous owners work.

But, I've just discovered that the secret to growing great peony flowers is Mountain Dew...

Heavenly light gracing the trail through Linear/Channing Park 

Someone knows how to set up a rest stop along the trail...

6x6x2014 OPEN NOW:
Rochester Contemporary Art Center (RoCo)
137 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14604

See if you can find the pieces I've submitted.  For more information, please visit:

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