Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tree in Albufeira Portugal, Mixed Critter, and Seaside Swirl.

Tree In Albufeira, Portugal, 2014
oil pastel on paper
8" x 10" in a 9" x 11" frame
© copyright Mike Kraus

Hiking along the Atlantic coast in southern Portugal.  The only shade from the intense sun is a tree.  Every so often, there's a cool breeze from the water to provide some relief.  It's a great place to drink vinho verde.  To plan our life together on the other side of the world. 

This drawing would great in almost space that is red, pink, violet, yellow, or blue.

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 Mixed Critter, 2014
crayon on paper
© copyright Rachel Bell

What lurks in the Amazon rain forest?  Even scientists aren't completely sure.  There are many regions where humans have yet to visit.  There have been rumors of a Mixed Critter. A beast that only wants to snuggle.

seaside swirl, 2014
glazed play-doh
© copyright Rachel Bell
Collection of Megan Bell and Mike Kraus

She dreams of the ocean.  Lying on the beach in the warm sun.  Not having to worry about the controversies at her job.  The tropical waters are every shade of blue.  Flamingos glide through the clear skies

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