Monday, May 19, 2014

Megan's Happy Birthday!

Started off Megan's birthday with drinks at Hogan's Hideaway (  You can tell she's excited about her French Martini.

Sitting outside on Megan's bday?  Weird.  Usually there's some kind of awful weather that ruins everything.

 Checking out the new sculpture park at the Memorial Art Gallery.

Us: "Weird little Lego-ish guy, why are you so sad?
Lego-ish Guy: "'Cause I saw the weather report..."

Mmmm...  Poutine.  Really, really great poutine at Lento (  Another reason we need to go to MontrĂ©al sometime in the near future. 

Pasta and burgers all locally sourced and delicious!  I highly suggest Lento at Village Gate

Megan enjoying her new gliding love seat for the patio.

ACTION SHOT!  Scout received a new pair of lips in the mail!  THANKS AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!

 And, she's down for the count...

 First fire of the season.  Not so much for fun, but to clean up some of the mess in the yard...

Night rabbit curious about Scout

 Looks like we're going to get some fawn soon.

The deer are not scared of us...

Perhaps because they are possessed by the devil...

 "Instead of watching the movie, do you think you guys could just go to bed instead?

 Scout loves cleaning up the yard.  Specifically helping pick up the sticks and gnawing them to hell.

 Look what I found in the garden!

Lots of rain came down right after we finished Megan's b-day dinner.  Lots of flash floods all over the place.  Sounds like it took out Penn Yan, NY.  This is the Irondequoit Creek by our place, which flooded much of Panorama Plaza

Where the Sideway Ends.  Ummm...

Heading home and checking out the flooding.  This is the trail I usually take home.

Saw a few Blue Heron hunting along the creek

At the top-center is usually an island with a bench.  No more island and I doubt there's a bench anymore...

Another new river created in the flood by the "Hillbilly Hot Tub."

No, graves didn't float down the river.  This is the "Loop Trail" sign that was uprooted from about 1/2 mile upstream.

 Ranging waters at the bridge

Panorama of the river at the parking lot of Linear (Channing H. Philbrick) Park.  Usually, the river is half as wide.  

 Old mill foundation under water

Something's odd about this myrtle...

Scout's first time on the hammock.  Not so sure about it yet and doesn't have her sea legs yet.

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