Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So a Priest Walks Into Bellhurst Castle...

 photo 100_6229_zps3da8b088.jpg
Bellhurst Castle (http://www.belhurst.com/) on Seneca Lake.  Father Jack had his 50th anniversary of being ordained as a priest.  

For those who don't know Father Jack, he's the priest that married Megan and I.  Here we are dancing at our reception.  It was a great 50th anniversary celebration and we were honored to be invited.

 photo 100_6230_zps56976b68.jpg
A view of Seneca Lake

 photo 100_6222_zps58489a2b.jpg
Mr. Fussy looks like a teacher I had in high school...

 photo 100_6231_zpsd0ab2abf.jpg
Athena seems to be waiting for 5 o'clock to roll around...

 photo 100_6234_zpsc0da08f7.jpg
I can't wait for her to try to make this happen when she's 70-80 lbs.

 photo 100_6227_zps61ac5c35.jpg

I call this "Still Life of a Future Blog Post."  

That's all I have this week. 

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