Wednesday, May 15, 2013

When Wishes Come True!

 photo 100_6155_zps698e5fc2.jpg
Celebrating Megan and Dave's birthdays!  So many cakes, so little time.

 photo 100_6153_zps81459952.jpg
Cabin Fever maple flavored whisky.  The question is this a small bottle or a really large hand?

 photo 100_6150_zps1f6c1d89.jpg
She'll never look this new or shiny again.  Broke out the Honda HRX217HZA lawnmower and took it out for a test drive.  See what it could do.  Lots of child safety features.  Never thought I'd have to read an instruction manual on how to pour gas from a gas can before.  Some trial and error on the multiple levers and buttons on the mower itself.  The kids may be safe, but the adult driving the mower is in way more danger just keeping track of all the switches...

 photo 100_6151_zps1cfe168f.jpg
Choose your own adventure: Honey I Shrunk the Kids or Mike's Front Lawn?  HERE COMES THE MOWER!

 photo 100_6152_zpsf37619f7.jpg
The lawn is even.  My life is now complete...

 photo 100_6149_zpsd804c4b0.jpg
Getting ready for Mike and Rosie's wedding at the cabin...

Detroit Red Wings vs. the Chicago Blackhawks starts tonight.  Megan's trying to convince me that "playoff beard" isn't as effective as "playoff clean-shaven."  But, I think she has motives other than hockey...
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