Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Digging My Own Grave

 photo 100_6165_zps81d710a3.jpg

Must of done something wrong to be digging my own grave...  With Megan's b-day shovel...

 photo 100_6164_zps452dec0d.jpg
"He knew he had it comin..."

 photo 100_6167_zps6b2017f6.jpg
That ain't no grave, it's the early stages of a new fire pit! 

 photo 100_6168_zps8b6d0467.jpg
It's getting there...

 photo 100_6169_zps5a71f30e.jpg
Oh boy, just in time for Memorial Day Weekend!  (For instructions, please visit:

 photo 100_6171_zpsdb755684.jpg
Oh happy wife.  A new fire pit and hammock all in the same weekend.  Must of been a good birthday!
 photo 100_6160_zps0c886860.jpg
Now for some randomness.  And, what could be more random than cuddling chincillas?
 photo 100_6163_zps79cee1b2.jpg
Deer hanging out on a driveway on our walk.  The eyes tell me he's a robot

 photo 100_6162_zps2a11ce37.jpg
Bobette and Bob chalk drawings at Cobbles Elementary

 photo 100_6161_zps892e7407.jpg
What does this mean?

 photo 100_6166_zpsbfc6b11b.jpg
The new petunias seem to be holding their own.  

 photo 100_6170_zpsc60d4fc2.jpg
Poppies (which can only be said in the Wicked Witch of the West's voice.  Sorry)

 photo 100_6172_zps8971ffaf.jpg
Waiting to vote for Penfield's 4.4% property tax hike, there was a little art show that featured my niece Rachel's awesome rendition of Hokusai's Great Wave.  There's framing.  The color gradient in the sky is well done.  The marker line work is beautiful.  
Looking forward to the long weekend.  A MUCH, MUCH needed weekend and should be a lot of fun.  Hope yours is too!

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