Tuesday, February 12, 2013

It's Snow Problem

 photo 100_5957_zps7aab4f5b.jpg
SNOWSTORM NEMO!  This was on my very, very slow commute home.  I think I counted 4 separate car accidents (including a semi vs ambulance).

 photo 100_5960_zps729b2343.jpg
Lots of pretty trees...

 photo 100_5961_zps340dcb10.jpg

 photo 100_5962_zps952669a1.jpg

 photo 100_5963_zps233cdecf.jpg
Ugh...  Shoveling...

 photo 100_5964_zpsfd239030.jpg

 photo 100_5965_zpsd537c900.jpg
First shovel break:  Let me take a second to snap a pic of the house

 photo 100_5966_zpsbce55be5.jpg
Second shovel break: Another shot.  Man, how much snow is there.  I am literally only cleaning out a one foot clearing around my subcompact...

 photo 100_5967_zpsb84a9a5d.jpg
In the pine, in the pines...

 photo 100_5968_zpsa487322e.jpg
Megan and I didn't realize this when we bought the house, but we are in the township of Narnia.

Speaking of which, I just finished the epic Harry Potter collection.  I have to say that it was better than I expected.  But, I didn't realize how much I didn't really understand from the movies.  I guess you have to leave some stuff out when you write 1,000 page tomes.  

Thanks to Pete and Simon for fulfilling my need of hanging out playing video games and eating junk food.  It is truly the only way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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