Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Horse Is a Horse Unless of Course

 photo 100_5970_zpsad8a62e6.jpg
I think he thought I had food for him.  The disappointment he must have experienced when he realized it was only a camera...

 photo 100_5969_zps9fa0b782.jpg
Heeey Wilbur...

 photo 100_5974_zps5b4899f4.jpg
Deer were celebrating President's Day in my back yard.  Nothing like making a pot of coffee and having nature come to you.

 photo 100_5972_zpsc43984e8.jpg
My neighbor is my inspiration.  He builds all of these snow forts and other creations.  It's only a matter of time before our yard looks like it's from Calvin & Hobbes.

 photo 100_5978_zps0e572877.jpg
Mural on the backside of the Catholic Family Center building in downtown Rochester.  I couldn't find anything on it.  Not sure if it was commissioned or anything.  Anyone who knows about it can put it in the comments.

That's all I can really report at this time.  So it goes...
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