Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Wish!

"La la la la. We're going to meet Katie out in Palatine tonight. It will be good to see her. We haven't seen her since we saw her working at Disney World. La la la la... It would be great if she moved to Chicago. blah, blah, blah. It's weird that we have to meet her in the burbs, but I guess that's where her family got a hotel and all for her sister running in the marathon... blah blah la la, Hey, there's Medieval Times ha ha ha. Wait, are you turning into there? Are we meeting Katie at the strip mall next to Medieval Times? What? Is Katie at Medieval Times? WHAT? BIRTHDAY SURPRISE

If you've never been to Medieval Times, you need to go. Megan surprised me by bringing me to "Schaumburg Castle" for my b-day

It really is a great example of Medieval America...

The Prince and his Princess

"It's good to be the King."

I knew Jesus was "King of the Jews," but I had no idea he was "King of Schaumburg." This is the Jesus King presiding over the "Knighting Ceremony."

This six year old girl celebrating her b-day is now knighted and prepared to fight to defend the country...

Horse on display. These poor guys are in tiny stalls and tied to short ropes attached to the wall. I'm surprised no one goes all PETA on them.

Telling the Medieval masses how to have proper etiquette in the arena

This is exactly how I imagine Medieval Times with the plague, swords, chivalry, knights, and round tables...

Megan and I were on the side of the Kingdom of Navarra.

Megan and I look Spanish, right?

"Um, excuse me, we don't have silverware."
"Silverware? What's silverware? There's no such thing as silverware in Medieval Times. Now, do you want Pepsi or Mountain Dew?"

Megan suggests getting the vegetarian meal at Medieval Times. It's really good and does come with plastic silverware

Apparently, a unicorn exploded...

The host introducing the nights after we have been given the prelude to the drama!

The Knight of Navarre. He was flirting with the drunk girls ahead of us by throwing flowers to them and all. Also, the group on the corner in the front row seemed to be having their wedding reception there. The bride and groom were in their dress and tux.

Now for my restaurant review. My half-chicken, with spare rib, garlic bread, rosemary potato, tomato basil soup, and "pastry of the castle" was really good. What made it "awesome" was eating it with my hands and using the heated wet-nap afterwards. I want to eat like this everyday. I was born in the wrong era...

Who knew that Emo Hipster kids and Medieval Times were a match made in heaven?

Out knight is about to get his "you know what" kicked -John McCain

JOUSTING!!! This was the end and Megan and I ended the evening at Goldie's with a few friends. Good times! Good Medieval Times...

Megan and I went to Tre Kronor for my b-day dinner. This is my Kychlingfile dinner, which is a "chicken breast a la Malmo-baked with Swedish mustard, jarlsberg, Canadian bacon and fresh dill." I took forever to eat this because it was so good I wanted to savor it.

Megan go the "Norsk Lax," which is a Norwegian salmon broiled with chive beurre blanc. She really liked it.

Saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall recently. It's a really good, funny movie about dating. So real it's funny!

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