Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happy 2nd Anniversary Baby Doll


Two years means two days of celebration. So, Megan and I went to the Old Town School of Music to see a Columbian band called Revolu. Pretty good stuff...

Girls dancing like butterflies

Megan at the Calypso Cafe. Really good Caribbean food in the Hyde Park neighborhood. They are located at 5211 C South Harper Shopping Center.

Me. Somewhat fuzzy and in my finest goin’ out clothes.

Here’s the West Indies Patties (one vegetable, one beef) They are traditional mildly spiced pastries with citrus mustard sauce

This is Megan’s Crusted Tilapia that was mildly seasoned and crusted with crushed plantains. She didn’t care for it though...

This was the Jerk Marinated Chicken Breast. The chicken marinade was really good even though it was on cheap Gordon Food chicken patties. Delicious! The plantains were awesome!

Banana Pie with Coconut topping and Megan thinking "why does my stupid boyfriend take so many pictures." She’s annoyed because I’m preventing her from eatting that delicious dessert.

Now she’s happy because she can eat!!!

More SaveMore! Brent rocking out the Pirates of the Caribbean pinball. This is really a Caribbean themed anniversary and week.

Megan, Tony, Frances, Brent, Mike, and Noah at the SaveMore

Frances, Brent, and Mike. Two of the three had a hard time getting home. One I don’t know about. I hope all are fine...

Amanda and I. "Mike, I just wanna dance. Com’on and dance. pleeeaasse!" She’s not a bad dancer for having a torn ACL or whatever.

Brent’s rock and roll album cover

Megan and her classmate Tony from Cleveland. "What’s this place called? The SaveMore? What a dive! It’s just like home!"

Amanda telling me something very important...

Angela’s going to be in China very, very soon.

Frances had a very good time.

Went to Quenchers after the Mutiny and got myself a Tater Tot Pizza.

Roberto hates how much he loves his sandwich.

Megan out at the forest preserve near Irving Park and River Road.

Pretty cute for a longshoreman, eh?

DEER! DEER EVERYWHERE!!! By my count, we saw approximately 39 deer at the park. Not even at a distance. I mean these deer were so close I could have tackled them!

Hello little fella!

A few of its friends.

MORE DEER! Also, notice the poor urban planning. This is another example of suburban insanity. Here were are in a park loaded with tons of deer. What goes better with deer than a five-lane highway on all sides! I’ll never understand post-World War II city and traffic planners.

Another little deer just a few feet off the trail in the woods

Another of his buddies taking a rest nearby.


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