Monday, June 25, 2007

Sometimes, You Just Get One Chance.

So here we go!

Wednesday BBQ Night.

Back at Kuma's Corner for Heavy Metal burgers. Mike seems to be pondering the meaning of ketchup.

What's more appropriate that Mike and Nick eatting a burger called "The Mastadon?"

Karli is featuring "YOB"

Cliff is having the "Iron Maidon" with a side of "ruggage."

This is my "Metallica."

Rumor had it that Humboldt Park was having an art fair this weekend. So, on our way to breakfast at the Flying Saucer we cut through the park. No art fair, but a great car show. Unless this is the HP art fair?

I wish these cars had information on how much time and money it took to do this because these cars are incredible.

My favorite feature of this car is the curb feelers.

When this Caprice rolled in, everyone stopped and watched it park, which took ten minutes to do...

Where are the airbags?

I like the spedometer and clock on the dashboard of this car. Very classy old Ford.

My neighbor back on Crestwood in Muskegon, Michigan use to have a Model A Ford like this. John (my neighbor) use to drive this around and let me ride in the rumble seat. For those that don't know, a rumble seat is the seat that pops out of the trunk of this car. After a short drive we'd head back and watch the Detroit Tigers game on his small TV.

None of my friends Buicks in high school looked like this.

I really like this Dodge Charger. It says "We like Dukes of Hazzard, but have our own style."

Now this is a Camero.

I'm not sure what's going on in the bed of this pickup truck.

This is an old Dick Tracy car with crazy upholstery.

Nothing says "American Family Road Trip" more than this car. I'd love to take a wife and a couple of kids to California in this.

This is one of my favorite vehicles.

This is the inside of the vehicle above. Probably one of my favorite features of this car is the interior based on my childhood bedroom. All it's missing is some punk rock posters, a bed, and lots of books of sketches and drawings.

Perhaps this should be my next tattoo?

If I still had my Volkswagen Rabbit, this is what I would do with it.

Can you imagine driving down the road and seeing this in your rearview mirror? What a dream machine!

This is the car Prince would drive.

My mistake. THIS is the car Prince would drive...

Look at this minivan. There was one other minivan in the show and it was a Sierra as well. Although, this one has been pimped. I didn't take a picture of the other one because the only unique feature was the interior smelled like Raspberries.

The van features six TVs. That's more than any house I have ever lived in has had.

I'm not sure, but I think this is a Transformer.

This car is a labor of love. What a great old Impala. I really like the orange and chrome. The engine was all chrome with etchings throughout. It has hydrolics. A car I'd love to drive REAL slow by Pere Marquette Beach.

After breakfast at the Flying Saucer, we ended up at Belmont Street Festival. It was pretty dead. The only thing of interest was the mostly girl punk band at one of the stages.

If there's anything true about Megan, it's that she's classy and has good fashion sense.

What do you get a good Catholic Irish-American girl? Well, the Kennedy's board game, of course! My favorite card inside was rating "Teddy's Social Standing." If only they knew then what we know now...

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