Monday, June 11, 2007

Chicago Is the Best Friggin' Place On Earth In the Summer!

Well, the title about sums it up...

Let's start off by paying tribute to the American Empire with an eight story flag.

Constrution of Block 37

Another view of Block 37

Nick and Karli enjoying a banana split from the "Ice Cocaine Truck." Little background for those who don't know. We have a ice cream truck that drives around our neighborhood at 10pm or later almost every night. Just seem a bit suspicious since most kids should be in bed. But, it keeps us adult kids all sugered up, I guess...

Went to Kuma's Corner for "Heavy Metal Burgers." This was the "Melvins!"

Karli got the "Judas Priest."

Nick had the "Iron Maiden."

And Mike is polishing off the "Metallica" burger. They were the best burgers I've every had. Especially since I was hungry at 6pm and didn't get it until 9:30pm. It was gone is seconds.

"A Private Bathroom" in Humboldt Park.

RIBFEST! Frances, Karli, and Mike waiting in line for Ribs from Hecky's, which served ribs from a school bus. The ribs were great and the baked beans were awesome. MESSAGE TO KATE DIAL - I OWE YOU RIBS AND THIS IS WHERE WE'LL GO! THEY ARE WAY BETTER THAN APPLEBEES!

Andrew and Matt relaxing at Ribfest.

Frances and I at Goldie's after Ribfest where we met up with Julianne and Damanda Talmadge.

Francy Pants.

Frances taking a nice picture with Mike at Goldies!

This about sums it up.

Mike, Nick, Frances, and I headed down to Maxwell (Canal) Street Market. Nick got Wheel of Fotune and Double Dare for Nintendo. Frances got giant pink sunglasses. All of us got really good tacos.

Frances scoping out the goods.

Looking for a good pair of sunglasses.

While waiting for Damanda to get out of work, Frances and I headed down to the book fair.

We met up with Damanda at the Andersonville Midsommer Fest. It was by far the gayest festival ever. I don't mean that as an insult. I mean there were more gay people here than at the Gay Pride Parade. Here, we see a scene where a cover band was playing all the hits from Journey, Rick Springfield, R. Kelly, Will Smith, and more!

I can't even discribe what this is. Basically, super-muscle gay men dancing with each other topless and either drunk or drugged up. It's not often that dancers in the back of the crowd get more attention than the band on stage.

This was another stage that featured a Motley Crue cover band with hair and all! We didn't even know this was going on until we went on the hunt for food and ended up at T's. Get the burger if you ever go yourself.

That about sums it up. Frances has another day in Chicago and we've just been going to all the great stuff around here.

Either tomorrow or Wednesday (depending on the source) is that start of the Puerto Rican Festival in my neighborhood (Humboldt Park). I'm really excited about it since it looks like chaos will reign. The neighbor kid has come over to do chores for us to earn money so he can go to the carnival. I may have to take some time off of work for this...


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