Monday, November 6, 2006

Animals For Your Viewing Pleasure!

Hey all,

Just a little bit of something to get out of the way here. I'm coming home to Muskegon for T-Day and was wondering what is going on? Who's back? Who's still there? Who's up for hanging out? Keep me posted...

Megan and I. I really owe a lot to this little lady. She brings me on trips all over the place. She doesn't fight, nag, or guilt trip me. She's so relaxed and fun to be around. But most of all, she doesn't mind the scruff or beard.

You know the drill: USA!

I don't know which cat this is at my apartment. I will give the credit to Lloyd.

The King Tut exhibit. Megan and I got VIP passes and saw an awesome show. Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures in there. There were all these cool coffins, jewelry, furniture, jars, daggars, and stuff in there. I highly recommend it, but try to see it during the week if you can.

Megan: Queen of the Erie Canal. I'm glad that I buttered her up earlier because she'll hate this. In fact, she said "I hate you" when I took this. Nothing that a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors can't fix...

Sue, the T-Rex

Welcome to Jurassic Park.

This is one of my favorite exhibits. I believe it was titled "Things you wouldn't have without soil."

I don't know if this is a raptor or what...

Look how big this Brontosaurus is.

An Allosaur, I think. I'm trying to recall my dino-obsession from third grade.

It's hard to imagine anything this big just roaming around. It's about the size of a dump truck.

This seems to be part bird/part dog or something.

This prehistoric sloth stands about 10-15 feet tall.

This prehistoric sloth wants to dance.

An ancient deer or something.

A Mammoth!

A Mastodon!

Ah, to be back home in Michigan!

It looks like some women shopping on the Magnificient Mile

Kentucky Fried Chicken

A Red Panda

Either a Grizzly or Brown Bear. You would think I know since I lived with one for a year...

A Meercat. Has anyone ever seen Meercat Manor on Animal Planet? It's like the OC, only with animals. Way more interesting than the OC too.

A lion with her cubs.

I think this is the rabbit from Alice In Wonderland.

A Malabar Giant Squirrel.

Just your normal squirrel from the Midwest. Man, I have these things all around my apartment. There's a family of black squirrels that are real timid because they have youngins.' The brown squirrels (pictured above) just go through all of our stuff looking for food.

A beaver

another beaver?

Isn't this the guy from Neverending Story? Kind of a creepy fella.

This is an Aye-Aye. Probably named by a pirate. Why are pirates so trendy these days? I'd rather be like Mad Max than some silly Johnny Depp pirate.

I should put this in my livingroom.

African animals!

I forgot what this is called. I know they have them at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Which reminds me that this is a good time of year to go to the LPZ because the tourists are back in their cages in the suburbs.

This guy needs a monicle, a top hat, and a martini.

A Detroit Tiger. Known for being the 2006 American League Champion. I think this one's named Kenny Rogers.

This is my habitat in the Humboldt Park neighborhood of Chicago.

That's about it. I have to put up an educational blog every-so-often so I can pretend to be an intellect. I'm planning on taking a vacation this winter. At this point, I'm looking at going to Rio de Janeiro, Vienna, or somewhere in southern Europe. Anyone have any advice? I have about a month of vacation time and some cash to burn. So...



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