Friday, August 25, 2017

Twilight Woods

 Twilight Woods, 2017
Acrylic paint on canvas
24" x 48" (61.0 cm x 121.9 cm)
© copyright Michael Kraus

What are the benefits of buying original art?  There are countless benefits to owning original artwork.  Generally, most reasons fall into one of the categories of Style, Originality, Texture/Depth, History, Emotional, Investment and Fun.

Quality - A painter will take a canvas, paint it with primer, and then design a subject using various colors, materials, and imagination.  Usually, this creates a texture and a vividness.  It is hand crafted by the artist.  A reproduction is a photographic copy that has difficulty capturing and holding that quality depending on the resolution, printing, and quality of paper.
Anyone using a copy machine knows the quality of the image declines the further away from the original the print comes from.

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This painting would look best in an large space such as above a fireplace, couch, or foyer.  It would work best with the colors green, yellow, dark blue, purple, black, white, gray, beige, or wood.

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