Friday, August 11, 2017

Lavender In Provence

 Lavender In Provence, 2017
acrylic on canvas
16" x 20" (40.6 cm x 50.8 cm)
© copyright Mike Kraus

Why Invest In Original Art?  A great way to add your personality to a room is by decorating the walls with artwork.  Big box stores offer a lot of cheap options with prints, posters, and other mass produced options.  But, they lose their value immediately and rarely earn more than a few bucks years later in a garage sale.  So, if you're trying to freshen up a tired space, redecorating, or a new home-owner, you may want to consider investing in original artwork.

There's a lot of uncertainty in the world.  And you want to invest your hard earned money somewhere that's safe and has a good return.  According to Bloomberg, sales of post war and contemporary artwork have exploded from $260 million in 1995 to $7.8 billion in 2016.  And the value of art isn't as prone to erratic and irrational fluctuations as the stock and bond markets.  Even more impressive, your investment can add beauty and colors to your walls.  Please visit: for some things to consider in purchasing original artwork.

This painting would look best in an average sized space.  It would work best with the colors dark red, green, dark yellow, orange, blue, dark purple, black, white, gray, beige, or wood.

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Want to see my work in person?  Then visit these galleries:
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